Money&Co’s £10,000 Fortune Finders game launches Today


Here on Money Bulldog we don’t just like to share opinions and information, we also like to share giveaways and competitions with our readers too. The competition I have to share with you today has been setup by crowdfunding network Money&Co. The competition is called ‘Fortune Finders’ and it is an online treasure hunt with a massive £10,000 investment fortune up for grabs if you win the grand prize.

What is crowdfunding?

Imagine for a moment that you are looking to make a new documentary movie and you feel that it could provide a great return for investors. When you visit a bank to get a loan for the project however, they do not seem to share your enthusiasm and decline your application for a loan to fund the project. As you approach private investors to try and raise the money for the project you find that there are many people who are interested in getting involved in the project but no individual wants to take on the full risk by putting up all of the cash on their own.

Many of these investors however would be quite happy to put up a portion of the money if other investors could be found to share the risk with them, lowering their total exposure. Crowdfunding is the process of taking smaller amounts of money from all of these different investors ‘The Crowd’ and putting it all into one figurative pot for use to fund a certain project, business start-up or other investment. For example, just this week a crowdfunding project to raise funds for the stricken Formula One team Caterham surpassed £1m in 48 hours, so appetite is high.

What is the Fortune Finders Game?

The Fortune Finders online treasure hunt is being launched today by Money&Co. The Money&Co message is that investing money should be easy and to back up this message they have decided to give away a £10,000 investment opportunity to the winner of the Fortune Finders treasure hunt.

The Fortune Finders Hunt lasts for 10 days and features six different hunts. Not only will players have the chance to win a grand prize investment fortune of £10,000 but there are also five other prizes of £1,000 up for grabs too. To win these prizes players simply have to decipher clues in order to find the hidden gems located in each hunt.

Each time you find a gem it will provide you with a unique code. Once you have obtained the codes from all six hunts you will then have the opportunity to win the £10,000 grand prize. To win one of the five smaller £1,000 prizes players must unlock secret entry forms which will become available every two days. Each of these will enter you into a separate mini prize draw.

As the hunt is browser based you can play the game using your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. You can keep a track of any game updates and also share your progress with other players by following @MoneyandCoUK on Twitter and by using the hashtag #10grandhunt. If you prefer to use Facebook to stay up to date then this is possible as Money&Co also have a Facebook page. One other bonus of sharing the competition on your chosen social network is that you also get the chance to enter again, bettering your chances of winning the £10,000 grand prize.

You can start playing the game and discovering gems from Wednesday 12th November by clicking here.

Hope you all have fun.

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  1. Fun find! Think I’ll check it out. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Very cool! I like this sort of thing. I recently took part in a giveaway where the winners received shares of Apple stock. It’s great to have this new “generation” of giveaways as opposed to the usual small cash prizes.

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