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After using Music Magpie recently I decided that it might be helpful to some if I wrote a review of the service. So here is my Music Magpie review.

Music Magpie* has been around for some time now, yet I would guess that a lot of people in the UK will still be using their service for the very first time. After all, it’s not every day that you decide to have a clear out of your music or DVD collection. I recently did just this as I’d finally gotten around to putting all of my music onto the Amazon online cloud and I found that my CDs were now just taking up far too much storage space. I really couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of selling each individual CD on eBay and to be honest many of them were not in the best condition, so after having a read of the Music Magpie terms and conditions, I decided to give Music Magpie a try to see if they would accept my old – and somewhat battered – CDs. Let’s consider the process from the start.

How easy is it to sell your stuff to Music Magpie?

Music Magpie accept a variety of different items including CDs, DVDs, Games, Electronics and Mobile Phones, but as I only sold CDs and DVDs to them, that is what my review of Music Magpie will concentrate on. So how easy is it to sell your stuff to Music Magpie*? The truth is it’s very easy indeed.

Is there a minimum amount of Items that you can send to Music Magpie?

At the time of writing you need to sell 10+ items or at least £5 worth of stuff in order to be able to use the Music Magpie service.

The Music Magpie App

Firstly, I downloaded the Music Magpie app* which is available on iPhone and android through Google Play. Then you just use your phones camera to scan the barcode of your CDs and DVDs and the app will add it to your order list and it will also offer you a price. If you’re not happy with the price you’re offered then you can easily remove it from the order list or if you decide at the last minute that you want to keep an item then you can keep hold of it and you just won’t get paid for the items you don’t send.

Do you have to post your items to Music Magpie?

You don’t have to pay anything to post your CDs and DVDs to Music Magpie as they have their own courier collection service and will collect the items from you for free on a day specified by you. Just package your items into the number of boxes they suggest (to keep the weight of the boxes down for the courier to handle), print off your order labels given to you by Music Magpie and then attach them to all of the boxes in your order. Then just wait for the courier to arrive to collect your items.

What condition do your CDs and DVDs need to be in to sell them to Music Magpie?

This was the one worry for me about using the service, would a lot of my CDs get rejected by Music Magpie due to their condition. It’s fair to say that years of moving around and renovating houses had taken its toll on my CD collection. Well, this week I received confirmation of which items had been accepted and which had been rejected by Music Magpie and I was pleasantly surprised as only 3 or 4 of around 100 had been rejected due to poor quality. I can only assume that they have some sort of machine that refurbishes the CDs to their original condition because I was expecting a lot more rejections on the list. So the answer to the question is that your CDs or DVDs don’t really need to be in perfect condition to sell them to Music Magpie* but if the artwork is damaged or the CD is very badly scratched or cracked, so much so that it is not salvageable, then these items may be rejected.

Does Music Magpie return rejected items?

Music Magpie DO NOT return items which have been rejected due to poor quality. Instead they responsibly recycle the items and you will not receive any money for the items which are rejected.

How much does Music Magpie pay for CDs and DVDs?

This is one of those ‘how long is a piece of string?’ kinds of questions but I’ll do my best to answer it. The amount that I was offered by Music Magpie for the majority of my CDs and DVDs ranged somewhere between the 30p and £1. Some CDs were valued as low as 20p and I was offered as much as £3 for others. One tip that I would offer you is that if Music Magpie offer you around £3 for a certain CD or DVD it that might indicate that it is a little more sought after than the rest, so it might be worth having a quick look on eBay* to see just how much that particular item is selling for. You might then decide to sell that one item on eBay yourself to maximise your revenue from the sale. The overall amount you receive from the sale of your item will obviously depend on how many items you sell and how rare they are. I myself received over £50 from them and I still have a load more stuff left to sell. I just wanted to try out the service before sending all of my items.

How long does it take to receive payment?

Music Magpie deal with thousands of packages every day and they state that each of these orders have to be quality checked by hand, so you can imagine that it may take a few days to process your order. In my case, it took around a week for them to process and quality check my items once they had been received. I then received and email asking me to securely log into my account to confirm that the payment details they had on file were correct. Once this had been confirmed by me, I was then asked to allow up to 7 days for the BACS transfer into my account to clear. If I had opted to be paid via cheque then this would have been posted out straight away.

So there we have it, my personal Music Magpie review. I hope that it has answered some of your questions about the service but if you have others then please feel free to leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer them. You can also browse the FAQ section* of the Music Magpie Site.

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