My first foray into freelance writing


Last week I wrote a post on our sister blog Money Rebound outlining a few simple ways in which anyone can start making a bit of extra money online, ways that didn’t require any initial investment. One of the first money making ideas I mentioned was freelancing and specifically freelance writing.

As a multiple blog owner I’ve had a little bit of experience with freelance writing, but mainly freelancers who were writing for me. I’ve always been interested in giving it a go but in all honesty, lack of confidence and also having no real professional writing qualifications has always held me back. Anyway after thinking about it on and off for a while now, I decided to just give it a go and so far the results have been really positive.

One of the websites I’ve used to hire writers in the past is Elance, so I thought there would be as good a place as any to start. I’ve had quite a few freelancers mention in the past that they are not all that keen on Elance because the prices you have to put in to get the jobs are so low. In some ways I can see what they mean with lots of people posting jobs where they are looking to pay $1 per 200 words – I know, ridiculous isn’t it – but not every job is like that, some are willing to pay more to hire native writers with experience of writing about certain topics. I’ve only done a couple of jobs so far and the pay has been pretty reasonable really. You have to be realistic and accept that, until you build up a good reputation, you might not be earning the megabucks. At the same time though, you also don’t have to completely undersell yourself. It doesn’t cost you anything to submit a proposal to a client on Elance, so I’ve just been quoting prices that I’m happy to work for. If they accept the price then that’s great, if not then nothing has been lost and you can move on and submit a proposal for another job.

How much work is out there?

I was quite shocked at just how much work is up for grabs. Anything from letter writing to blog writing, product descriptions, academic editing, lesson planning and the list goes on. I suppose in the same way that numbers don’t come naturally to some, words don’t come naturally to others.

What Qualifications do you need?

Don’t have a degree in English? Does it really matter? I suppose that depends on what kind of jobs you are going for. Academic writing or editing for example may require more skill and expertise than say product descriptions or blog writing. Either way if you think you might have what it takes to be a freelance writer then can it really hurt to give it a go?

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on.

Are you a freelance writer? What advice would you give to someone looking to enter the game?

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  1. moneystepper says:

    Good luck – I look forward to hearing your progress. What price are you going to be pitching at to start with?

  2. My friend who is an English teacher really makes a lot of money on her side hustle as a freelance writer on Odesk. Her salary is even better rather than her salary being a teacher, but her passion is to teach the children that’s why she didn’t give up her job.

  3. David Ryan says:

    Charge what your skills are worth. That’s the best advice I received.

  4. I got into freelance writing just by reaching out to sites and asking if they needed any writers. I now write around 5-7 freelance posts per week. I don’t have any qualifications, but my own site serves as a thorough portfolio.

  5. Mark Ross says:

    “I was quite shocked at just how much work is up for grabs. Anything from letter writing to blog writing, product descriptions, academic editing, lesson planning and the list goes on.”

    ^If that’s the case, I will definitely take the opportunity and create my Elance profile right away.

  6. From what I heard, it takes quite a while to “move up the ladder” doing things like Elance. I found that making connections via Twitter, and guest posting to get your work out there was pretty effective in finding freelance writing jbos in the PF blogosphere. Hey, it’s how I got my gig at CleverDude!!

    • Adam Buller says:

      Well I’m still very much at the bottom of that ladder Brock so I’ll let you know how things progress. Great work on landing that gig, I actually thought that CleverDude was your own blog so you must be doing a good job at keeping things authentic.

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