New Neighbour Nerves


So you’ve seen the ‘For Sale’ or ‘To Let’ sign go up on the house next door to you. A few weeks go by and you see a few people going in and out of the place, but there’s no sign of action just yet. Then, out of the blue, you hear the shuffling of furniture coming through the walls and you know that new neighbours are on the horizon.

This is the experience my wife and I have had recently and I have to say I’m rather nervous. Up until recently, we’d never had to deal with the phenomenon of noisy neighbours, but that all changed drastically earlier this year. Before this time, we’d had an old man living next door to us and we’d never really heard a peep from him. He did have a dog that barked from time to time, and we felt that we were not being unreasonable to whinge about it between ourselves – not to him, of course. If we’d have known then what we know now however, then I’d have realised that sometimes you don’t know just how good you’ve got it.

Earlier this year we found ourselves dealing with the neighbours from hell! Noisy, two big dogs, teenagers, and parents who never seemed to be around. Sure, they were friendly enough, but they weren’t really the type of people you’d want to make friends with, you know? I know that sounds a little harsh but if you’d been living next door to them yourself, then I’m pretty sure you’d agree with what I’m saying. For the first few days we put the noise down to the hustle and bustle of moving into a new place and getting it spruced up. As time went on however, we realised that the noise was here to stay. Eventually, things got so bad that we were even considering moving house ourselves. The problem with this is that you never really know what you’ll be faced with wherever you go, do you? I mean we could just end up stuck next to another noisy bunch, or maybe worse. So we decided to live with it for a while and if things didn’t calm down then we would take it up with the necessary authorities.

Fortunately – after around 4 months – our noisy neighbours moved on. Since then the house has been empty and we have been able to relax, until this week that is. This week we heard signs of life again next door. We’re not sure if it’s somebody new who is moving in or whether it is just a builder doing some work on the property in preparation for a sale. Either way, it still has my wife and I feeling a little nervous as to what the next few months will hold. Will we get saddled with awful neighbours for the second time in a year? Or, will we get another nice quiet older person move in instead? I wouldn’t want to generalise, of course. I know that there are some noisy old folk out there too. 🙂

Have you ever had to deal with noisy neighbours? How did you cope?

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