New radiators can save you money


As energy prices continue to rise, becoming energy efficient can be a simple way to save money. After you have found the best energy deal it is time to look closer at your home for savings. Making sure that you are not wasting heat through leaky doors and windows should be a priority — but looking at your heating system can also reward you with reduced costs. Running a modern fuel-efficient boiler coupled with a smart thermostat* could still be costing you unnecessary expense if your radiators are not efficient at providing you with comfortable room temperatures.

Modern radiators are very different from the radiators of 20 years ago. Besides the aesthetic improvements from modern design, new materials and improved manufacturing techniques — modern radiators bring improved energy efficiency with them.

A radiators prime function is to make a room a comfortable place to be — so that you enjoy spending time in your home. The materials used in modern radiators allow you to enjoy your home and be more energy efficient at the same time.

Due to extensive research and development, and advanced manufacturing techniques, modern Aluminum radiators are aesthetically pleasing and can come in a range of designs. They are also incredibly efficient at transferring the heat from the hot water in the system to your room. This means that they can react quickly, when coupled with thermostatic radiator valves, to temperature changes within the environment thus saving energy. Because of the efficient transfer of heat, the radiators are suitable for use with systems running at a lower system temperature, reducing energy costs.

Modern steel radiators come in many different designs, and offer greatly improved efficiency over old steel radiators. Improvements in design and manufacture means radiators are made from better steel with improved energy transfer properties, improved water circulation and even improved paint that can transfer heat more efficiently.

Modern radiators also offer significantly more surface area than old radiators, and some estimates suggest that new radiators are more than 50% more efficient than radiators manufactured prior to 2000 — mainly due to the design and addition of fins. With smaller internal volumes, modern radiators heat up much more quickly than older radiators; again giving improved efficiency and reduced costs.

With so many different materials and designs in modern radiators, it pays to discuss your system with an expert. The initial cost of new radiators will be compensated for in reduced fuel bills — so the radiators will pay for themselves —and you will also have reduced your carbon footprint, so you will also be doing your bit in helping environment and reducing the impact of climate change.

There are many things which we spend money on in life that turn out to be a less than wise investment. If you are still stuck with an old inefficient heating system though, investing some cash into upgrading to a newer more efficient system is unlikely to turn out to be a bad investment. Who knows, once you see just how much money you can save, you may even be inspired to consider other money saving energy options such as solar energy or wind power.

2 Responses to New radiators can save you money

  1. I like the improvements in the modern radiators being manufactured. However I would still consider using solar energy as a more efficient way of cutting down my energy costs. I have been doing so for over a year now and I still think its the way to go.

  2. Mike says:

    I dont think this is true. We have a modern condensing boiler with old heavy steel radiators once the boiler cuts off they stay warmer for longer than the thin steel new one we put in the kitchen last year

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