No Spending Challenge + Paypal Cash Giveaway!


Have you built up the courage to add up just how much you spent over the holiday period? Maybe you’re starting to sweat as you see those bank and credit card statements drop through the door!

If you massively overspent in December then now might be the perfect time to attempt the ‘No Spending Challenge’!

What’s It All About?  

At the end of this post you’ll see a giveaway window with the names of a group of top personal finance blogs from around the world. Today everyone of those bloggers will be writing a post encouraging their followers to attempt The ‘No Spending Challenge’.

Everyone has their own idea of what a No Spending Challenge should look like but basically it involves going completely cold turkey on money. How long you choose to do it for is up to you but to see the full benefits I’d recommend you try it for at least 30 days.

  Cut Down On Essentials, Scrap The Luxuries!

You’ll obviously still have to pay your mortgage and bills but when it comes to everything else, try and make cutbacks or even eliminate some spending completely. For essentials like food shopping, work out a reasonable minimum budget and stick to it! Now think of all the extra little bits you spend your money on like buying coffee, going to the pub, lunches at work etc. Make it your resolve to completely eliminate these needless overspends for at least 30 days, yes it will be challenging but it can be done!

Save On Fuel

When it comes to fuel think of ways you could use your car less. Perhaps you could walk or cycle to work. If it works out cheaper try using public transport. When you’re planning family days out stick to local parks and attractions.

Save On Days Out

Another way to save on family outings is to make good use of the free facilities nature has given us to spend quality time with the family. You could go for a hike, a bike ride, play a game of tennis or football at the park. You may do these things anyway but for some people these kind of activities could be great money savers.

Save On Food

Saving money on your food shop is easier than you might think. Make use of cheap staples like rice and pasta, try to eat less meat, if you do use meat try and make it last for two meals (leftovers from a roast chicken could be used in a risotto for example) and switch as many products as possible to cheaper supermarket brands. Another way to save on food is to cut out the weekend takeaway’s and keep some pizza’s in the freezer for treat night instead. Finally don’t forget to make good use of coupons!

Save On Entertainment

Instead of going out to the Cinema or renting a movie, why not hunt through your old DVD collection. There’s nothing better than watching a great film that you havn’t seen for years.

Why Should You Do It?

The ‘No Spending Challenge’ will give you the confidence to get a grip on your finances again. You’ll see that living frugally doesn’t mean you have to live like a hermit. It will also give you a chance to rediscover the things that nature has given us for free!

Even if you don’t have money worries, why not give it a go anyway! When you see just how much extra money you have left at the end of the month to put into savings, you might think again about how much money you’ve been be wasting.


Every now and then I team up with some other Top Personal Finance Bloggers to give something back to our readers. This months Giveaway is for a huge $100 (or the equivalent in UK Pounds) in Paypal cash or a $100 Amazon Voucher, It’s up to you!


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  1. nikki krutz says:

    i think we would learn how much money we could save from all the non essential items we buy…which would be ALOT

  2. Trillina Palemi says:

    I’m sorry but I’m Italian and my understanding of English is not very good
    I do not understand the question 🙂

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