Noisy neighbours are top put-off for house hunters


Whether it’s the buzz of an alarm clock at 6am on a Sunday morning, music blaring into the early hours, or just a hard-of-hearing Grandma with the TV on volume 95 – noisy neighbours are annoying.

When you’re already in a house and you’ve discovered you live next to the rowdiest folk in the land, there’s little you can do.

What are your options? Confront them (which can get awkward – it’s not like you can hide if it gets messy!), ‘put up and shut up’ or pack your bags and get out of there.

With noisy neighbours causing a nuisance, it’s hardly surprising that recent research has found more than half of us would be put off moving into a house with loud neighbours.

Ruckus next door

The only time you can control who you live next to is when you’re looking for a house, and it turns out more than half of us (28 million) would be put off moving into a property that had noisy neighbours.

Instead of having to invest in a constant supply of earplugs or soundproofing the place, noisy neighbours simply turn people off before any paperwork even gets signed.

So what else puts off prospective tenants or homeowners?

Mould doesn’t get sold

Mouldy rooms would put almost half of us off a property – and rightly so.

Hours spent cleaning it off, only for it to return in the weeks to follow isn’t the ideal way to be spending the time in your new pad.

Interestingly this is less of a concern for men than it is for women.

Over half of women (53%) compared to just 43% of men said mouldy rooms would put them off renting or buying a property.

Cold and smelly

It’s not just loud neighbours and a bit of mould that gets our backs up when looking for a new place to live.

Almost a third of people (30%) would be put off moving into a house which didn’t have central heating and over a quarter (27%) of us would be put off by unpleasant smells like animals or cigarette smoke.

Interior design

So how do we rate the interior of a property when we come to view it?

Although you can change how a room is decorated once you move in, it can be difficult to imagine a room without the murky coloured bathroom suite or dodgy mustard carpet.

But actually when it comes to the aesthetics of a property, it seems only 2% would be put off decoration not being to their taste.

Have a look at the full list of what puts people off moving house.





Noisy neighbours



Mouldy rooms



Property in poor state of repair



No central heating



Rubbish/untidy neighbouring gardens



Unpleasant smells (eg. animals,   smokers)



Badly kept communal areas (for   flats)



No double glazing



Part-completed decorating or   building



Stone cladding



Brown or green bathroom suite



Untidy/overgrown garden



Decorating not to our taste




Ian Williams from Ocean Finance said: “It’s nice to see that people are taking a sensible approach to what puts them off buying or renting a property.  People are far more wary of factors that are out of their control like noisy neighbours or the state of next door’s garden, than things they can control – such as decorating.

“Similarly people clearly differentiate when house hunting between the cosmetic and easy to fix – such as needing a lick of paint, and the expensive and hard to rectify like double glazing or adding central heating.”

6 Responses to Noisy neighbours are top put-off for house hunters

  1. Pauline says:

    Most of it you can fix, the mould, the smells, etc. but the neighbours it is going to be really complicated to rent or to live there. I bought in a complicated neighborhood and all visits were done in the morning so potential buyers didn’t see it, I found it quite dishonest.

  2. Moneywise says:

    If I would get noisy neighbors, I would definitely do the following:
    1) Ask them politely, if no reaction then
    2) Ask them to be quiet with a violent tone…hmmm…if still no…
    3) Call the police (sometimes helps in UK, I remember when I was a “party pooper” when I had to call the cops to shut the neighbors’ party, because I had an exam lol)
    4) And finally if the above points don’t help, do like this: go to the street and pay some Albanians or Russians to (Couldn’t publish the rest) 🙂

  3. Ya I dunno about those noisy neighbours lol. Next time we buy a house we don’t want any neighbours at all. That’s the plan at least. It’s hard to know what the neighbours are like though before you move in.

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