The Old Fashioned Money Saving Tips Mum Knows


When it comes to saving money there is one person you should always turn to; your Mum. My Mum knows more money saving ideas than anyone else I know. The only drawback is that I have always thought that her money saving tips were old fashioned and sometimes downright bizarre.

Maybe now is a good time to have a look over them and see if any of them actually make sense after all.

Use Coal Instead of Toothpaste  

Both my parents swear that when they were kids they used to brush their teeth with coal instead of toothpaste. The first problem that I have with this tip is that I don’t really want all my teeth to fall out or to be completely black. I looked online for some details, fully expecting to find sites warning me that brushing your teeth with coal is a terrible idea. Instead, I discovered that it might not actually be all that bad an idea. Now, the only problem is that back in the olden days coal was probably a lot cheaper than toothpaste. These days, I am not at all sure that using coal instead of toothpaste would be much of a money saver.  Still, it’s nice to know that it’s an option.

 Squeeze Old Pieces of Soap into a New Bar

One thing I am guilty of is throwing away a lot of small pieces of used soap. You just can’t get behind your ears clean with a tiny splinter of soap, can you? Anyway, I used to get really annoyed when my Mum gathered up all the bits of soap and moulded them together. Of course, that was in the days when I didn’t know how much money the average household spent a year on things like soap. Now I do the same as she used to do and make little bars of soap out of unused bits and pieces.

Build Up the Spare Change

I have no idea where my parents got a giant black porcelain elephant from in the first place, and I keep forgetting to ask them about it. This is one of the most vivid memories I have from my early years, as it was stored under their bed and they would put pennies into it all the time. I loved that elephant and I used to imagine how many sweets I could have bought if only I could have got my little hands on the money in it. When I first moved into a house of my own I really struggled to get through to pay day every month. This is when I finally realised that putting away some pennies whenever you can is a great idea. Sometimes having just a few pounds stashed away can help you live that bit more comfortably at the end of the month.

Buy in Bulk

I used to wonder why my Mum filled the downstairs closet with dozens of rolls of toilet paper and boxes of tea some times. I now know that she was taking advantage of special offers and buying in bulk. It is one of the easiest ways of saving some money and it is really easy to do these days in big supermarkets or online. Buying in bulk can end up being a pretty fun thing to do once you get started. Having said that, it is important that you are sensible about it and don’t buy things which are going to go bad or which you don’t really need anyway. My Mum got it just about right by concentrating on stocking up on cheap toiletries as well as dried and tinned products which last a long time.

10 Responses to The Old Fashioned Money Saving Tips Mum Knows

  1. dojo says:

    I wouldn’t brush with anything buy toothpaste and we don’t use solid soap anymore. But we do have a ‘piggy bank’ and we love stashing coins there. And the bulk purchasing does make sense for the things that don’t have a short shelf life.

    • Robert says:

      The coal thing was a bit weird Dojo. I wonder if anyone else on here has ever tried it or even heard of it

      • dojo says:

        Well, I can ask my grandmother about some of the old-style things they used to do. You’d be shocked to hear what they’d do back then 😀

        • Robert says:

          I love hearing my parents and grandparents talk about old fashioned money saving tips, Dojo. I sometimes think I was born in the wrong decade (or century)

  2. My mum and dad waste nothing if they can help it and you’re damn right they put the bits of soap together to keep it going. You’re not going to toss out a part of your chocolate bar just because you open another one are you? Probably not, you’d eat them both. I think we are too easy to toss things away these days and can certainly get more bang for our buck if we thought about it.

    • Robert says:

      Throwing away things which are still useful is a bad habit which many people now seem to have CBB. You won’t catch me throwing away chocolate anytime soon

  3. Moneywise says:

    “Squeeze Old Pieces of Soap into a New Bar” – yep, used to that. My mother also fries hard bread into rusks =) You can put them in the soup and it tastes great.

  4. Buying in bulk has always been a bit difficult for me, living in a small New York City apartment. Lately though, I’ve been clearing out a lot of the “stuff” I don’t need in my life and making room for storage 🙂

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