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Online Estate Agents – Who Offers the Best Deal?


I think it’s safe to say that online estate agents are now a part of the furniture in the UK. More and more people are choosing to sell their house online rather than using traditional high street agents and they are saving a lot of money by doing so.

With so many online agents now up and running, though, you might be wondering which one offers the best deal for home sellers? In this post we compare 3 well-known UK online estate agents to help you decide which one is likely to be the right one for you.  


Having started life back in 2007, HouseSimple* have been around for longer than most but that doesn’t mean that they lack in innovation. In fact, HouseSimple were voted ‘Online Estate Agent of the Year’ for 2018 at the ESTAS Estate Agents Awards.

HouseSimple rated as 'Great' on popular review site TrustPilot based on 1,857 reviewsHouseSimple differ from some of the other agents mentioned here as they only offer a to sell your home for free. You might wonder how this is possible and is Housesimple really free?

Well the good news is that you can rest easy knowing that Housesimple’s service really is free. The way they make their money is by offering optional additional services to both buyers and sellers during the house sale. If a buyer or seller chooses to use one of these additional services, then Housesimple will receive a commission from the service provider. These services are related to the house buying process and include mortgage advice and insurance services. 

Key points of interest when selling with HouseSimple:

  • No fee to sell your home
  • Free Home Valuation
  • Property Listed on Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location
  • Homeowner takes care of the viewings
  • Rated Great on Trustpilot with a score of 8.9/10 based on 1,850+ reviews   


Yopa launched as an Online Estate Agent in 2015 and therefore it is one of the newer agents to enter the market.

Yopa rated as 'Excellent' on popular review site TrustPilot based on 2,937 reviewsThe company offer a fixed sale fee of £889 if you choose to pay upfront (£1399 in some London postcodes) and you can either pay now or in 10 months time with their finance option.

They also offer a ‘No sale, No fee’ pay on completion option at a cost of £1495 with what they call their ‘Core Bundle’ (£2695 in some London postcodes) or £1795 for their ‘Premium Bundle’ (£2995 in some London postcodes).

The reason their ‘Premium Bundle’ is more expensive is because it includes unlimited managed viewings and a premium listing on both Rightmove and Zoopla. The unlimited viewings option – which is also available as an optional upgrade at a cost of £300 – basically means that a local Yopa agent will take care of all of the viewings on your behalf with no limit to the numbers of viewings.

As with most online agents you can get a free home valuation from Yopa* with no obligation to sell.

Key points of interest when selling with Yopa:

  • One-off fee of £889 (more in some London postcodes) if paying upfront
  • Free Home Valuation
  • Property Listed on Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location
  • Premium Bundle at £1388 (more in some London postcodes) includes managed viewings and premium listings on Rightmove and Zoopla  
  • Rated Excellent on Trustpilot with a score of 9.3/10 based on 2,900+ reviews  


Emoov started out in 2010 and markets itself as the UK’s #1 hybrid agent. At the time of writing they have 2 options that you can choose from when selling your home via Emoov.

Emoov rated as 'Excellent' on review site Trustpilot based on 1657 reviews

The first option – the cheaper of the two – is to pay a one-off upfront fee of £895 (£995 in London or inner M25) to list your home for sale. If your home sells then you won’t pay any more than the £895 but if it doesn’t sell then you will still have to pay this fee.

The second option is to pay only if Emoov are able to sell your home. If you choose the ‘pay on completion’ option then the fee payable will be higher at £1995 (£1995 for those selling in London or the inner M25).

It’s worth mentioning here that there is a 0% finance option available when you sell your home with Emoov if you choose option 1 and pay the lower upfront fee.

Key points of interest when selling with Emoov:

  • One-off fee of £895 (£995 in London or Inner M25) if paying upfront
  • Fee of £1995 (£1995 in London or Inner M25) if using No Sale, No Fee option
  • Free Home Valuation
  • Property Listed on Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location
  • Rated Excellent on Trustpilot with a score of 9.3/10 based on 1,600+ reviews
  • You take care of the viewings
  • No Extra Fees if you use your own conveyancer  

Differences in Price and Service

In this post, we’ve looked at 3 popular online UK estate agents in HouseSimple, Yopa and Emoov, to highlight how much the price charged between the big players in the market can vary. Not only this, but we can also see clear differences in certain aspects of their offering too, including who takes care of the viewings and whether you are charged more for using your own private conveyancing services.

In the end, when making a decision about which online estate agent to choose, I would be inclined to go with your gut. If you feel more inclined to choose a certain agent because of the positive reviews they have received from online reviewers and perhaps even your own friends, even though they may be a little more expensive, then go with them. After all, sometimes you get what you pay for. If you’re all about finding the cheapest price, however, then I hope this post has helped out in this regard too.

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