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5 Ways to Make 2017 Your Best Financial Year Yet

5 Ways to Make 2017 Your Best Financial Year Yet!

2017 is here already, can you believe it? Did you achieve your financial goals in 2016 or did the year just seem to pass you by? If you found that your financial goals went a little bit out of the window then here are 5 simple things that you could change this year to make 2017 your best financial year yet!

iCount - Which utility bills do Brits find the most difficult to pay infographic

Which Utility Bills Are the Most Difficult to Pay? – Infographic

For a vast number of people in the UK, just finding the money to pay the most basic of household bills each month can be a real struggle. By the time you’ve paid your mortgage or rent payment, fed your family for the month and taken care of putting clothes on their backs too, often the last thing you want to do is watch the money for your council tax, electricity, gas and water go out of your current account too!

Free prize draw

Grab Your Chance to Win £500 with the Drewberry Prize Draw

From time to time we love sharing great giveaways and competitions with our readers, especially when there’s a decent prize up for grabs. Today we’re sharing a £500 prize draw which has just been launched by UK insurance firm Drewberry Insurance.

BSIA Death Preperation Infographic

Are You as Prepared for Death as You Think?

While death is a bit of a morbid subject to talk about, when it comes to financial planning it is also an extremely important one. After all, if you fail to plan properly for this – let’s face it – inevitable event, then the growing costs of arranging a ‘proper send-off’ are likely to be passed on to your loved ones to deal with instead. This will only add more stress to an extremely distressing and upsetting time for them.


Should Parents Who Homeschool Be given Financial Help?

Homeschooling is something my wife and I have considered on several occasions, but we have yet to make the leap. With so much concern recently about the pressure being placed on schools in the UK and the lack of school places available it got me to thinking, should parents who homeschool their kids be given some kind of financial help for doing so, like a tax rebate or bursary of some kind? I’m not sure about the practicalities of doing it, as this really is just a whimsical thought, but here are the reasons why I feel it might not be such a crazy idea.