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Should Parents Who Homeschool Be given Financial Help?

Homeschooling is something my wife and I have considered on several occasions, but we have yet to make the leap. With so much concern recently about the pressure being placed on schools in the UK and the lack of school places available it got me to thinking, should parents who homeschool their kids be given some kind of financial help for doing so, like a tax rebate or bursary of some kind? I’m not sure about the practicalities of doing it, as this really is just a whimsical thought, but here are the reasons why I feel it might not be such a crazy idea.

How Payday Loan Ads Are Affecting Our Kids

For years now, I’ve found it completely unacceptable that payday loan companies should be allowed to advertise on television at all, let alone in the daytime. A recent experience however has drastically reinforced my view on this point and if I’m being honest, also had me seething.

New Neighbour Nerves

So you’ve seen the ‘For Sale’ or ‘To Let’ sign go up on the house next door to you. A few weeks go by and you see a few people going in and out of the place, but there’s no sign of action just yet. Then, out of the blue, you hear the shuffling of furniture coming through the walls and you know that new neighbours are on the horizon.

Does Money Bring Happiness?

As an individual I personally don’t think that money is the absolute key to happiness. There are much more important things in life, things like family, friends, good health and so on and I would never sacrifice any of these more important things just to become rich.

Wimbledon Tickets – One rule for the rich, another for the rest

After watching the Final of Wimbledon last Sunday, my intrigue got the better of me and I decided to do a little research into just how much money it costs to get your hands on a ticket to watch the Wimbledon Final on Centre Court. While I did manage to find out how much a standard Wimbledon Final ticket costs, I also came across some interesting facts about Wimbledon’s ticket resale policy for someone who might want to sell their Wimbledon ticket on via a secondary market.