Over 50s Car Insurance – Finding a Cheap Quote


Car insurance is one of those expenses that can’t be avoided but that we would all like to spend as little as possible on.

Of course, as you get older you expect the premiums to get cheaper along the way but how do you make sure that your insurance costs as little as possible?

Whether you are thinking of buying a new car or whether your existing policy is up for renewal, it makes sense to try and find the cheapest quote and this is also true for over 50s car insurance.

The following steps will help you to do this as simply and effectively as possible.

Shop Around

We can safely say that shopping around is the best starting point for a good insurance quote. If you settle for the first quote you get then you’ll never know how much money you could have saved if you had tried.

The fact that you can call for a quote or else arrange one online means that finding the time to sort this out shouldn’t be a problem now. By dedicating just a few minutes to searching online you can find a few deals and work out which ones are best for you.

You certainly don’t have to be a computer expert or very knowledgeable about car insurance to be able to do this.

Try an Over 50s Specialist

What a lot of people don’t realise is that different insurers are interested in different types of market and client.

For example, an insurance company that is focussed on younger drivers or higher risk vehicles is unlikely to give the best quote to someone over 50 with a normal family car.

What this means is that it’s definitely worth getting a quote from a specialist firm that looks after older drivers.  After you get an over 50s car insurance quote you can compare it to one from a non-specialist insurer to see how much you could save in this way.

Weigh Up the Options

There are a few different ways of trying to keep down the cost of a car insurance policy. For example, will you pay out for fully comprehensive cover or will you decide to try and cut costs by going for third party cover?

Of course, the cheapest option isn’t always the best idea. Although a lower level of cover will be cheaper, it could turn out to be a bad move in the future if you have an accident that isn’t covered.

The same applies to other factors such as the excess. Taking a bigger excess will certainly make your premium lower but it will also mean that you need to pay out more of your money if you ever have to make a claim.

Basically, it is all about weighing up the deal and getting the cover that suits you at a price you are happy with.

Ask About Discounts

The right discounts can make a bigger difference to your car insurance premium than you might think. If you follow the previous advice and get a quote for over 50s car insurance then an age discount will automatically be taken into account, so what else can you expect to get money off for?

When you get your quote you can ask if there is any chance of getting money off for doing a low mileage, parking in a private driveway or having security features fitted to the car.

Spread the Cost Over Instalments

You will already know by now that spreading the cost of something relatively expensive can be a good thing, provided that there are no additional charges for doing this. If you can get your annual premium divided out into monthly instalments without any charge then this can be a great way of making the premium more affordable. There are a few companies who do not charge any interest if you decide to spread the cost of your premium and pay in instalments.

Consider Additional Benefits

One of the great things about car insurance quotes aimed at drivers over 50 is that the policy is sometimes packaged in such a way as to appeal to this type of motorist.

For example, it could come with the option of breakdown cover on it, to give you even greater peace of mind when you are out driving.

You should also look for features such as a 24 hour helpline and the option of using a courtesy car if yours ever needs to get any work done on it.

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