Infographic describing how credit card interest works

How Credit Card Interest Works

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We’ve always stated on this blog that we don’t believe that credit cards are all bad. When used sensibly they can offer extra protection when making online purchases, can offer a low cost way to spread the cost of other necessary purchases (just as long as you make your repayments on time) and it can also be handy to have one available for financial emergencies. Some credit cards even offer rewards to their customers which can really build up over time.

Property Partner logo

Property Partner Review

In this Property Partner review we look closely at the company to see what they have to offer to investors. We look at the inspiration behind the creation of the platform, how the platform works, the fees charged by the company and expected returns, and we also look at the potential risks associated with investing with Property Partner. 

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easyMoney ISA Review

In this easyMoney Innovative Finance ISA review, we take a closer look at what this particular type of ISA has to offer to investors as well as examining the easyMoney offering in more detail, to help you decide whether this is the right ISA for you.


3 Companies Who Offer Car Insurance Tailored for Women

In the past, it used to be possible for women to get cheaper car insurance than men simply due to gender. Since an EU equality directive back in 2012, however, this practice is now no longer allowed and women are no longer able to be offered better car insurance quotes based on gender alone. What car insurance companies are allowed to do, however, is tailor their offerings so that they are more attractive and applicable to female drivers.

Just Over 24 Hours Left to Use Your ISA Allowance!

If you’ve been noticing a lot of TV and Internet ads for ISAs over the last few days, it’s probably because the ISA allowance cut off date has been creeping up on us slowly but surely and this is an extremely busy time of year for ISA providers.