Benefits and Drawbacks of 10 Year Mortgages

Benefits and Drawbacks of 10 Year Mortgages

With UK interest rates now on what is looking like a steady but lengthy upward trend, many homeowners and first time buyers are wondering whether they might be better off looking at a longer-term fixed rate deal. For instance, quite a few mainstream lenders now offer 10 year fixed rate mortgages, with both Halifax and Lloyds being the most recent lenders to enter the space. But what are the potential pros and cons of taking on a 10 year fixed rate mortgage?

UK Robo-advisors who offer Junior ISAs

UK Robo-advisors Who Offer a Junior ISA

While most UK robo-advisors now offer an adult Stocks and Shares ISA as a tax-efficient alternative to their General Investment accounts, many still do not offer a Junior ISA product.

Should You Switch Broadband Provider for a Reward Card_

Should You Switch Broadband Provider for a Reward Card?

For many people, life without broadband in the home is now simply unimaginable. The problem is that getting broadband with adequate speeds and reliability can also be expensive! This means that many people are forced to hunt around for the best broadband deals every 12-18 months as their contract expires. The good thing about switching is that there are often great deals to be found. The bad thing is that you don’t always know what quality of service some broadband providers will offer.

Basic phone with text what is a dumbphone

What is a Dumbphone and Why Would You Want One?

With mobile phones getting ever ‘smarter’ by the day, it may come as a shock to learn that sales of so-called ‘dumb phones’ are now on the rise. So what are dumb phones, where can you get one and why might you want one?

Wealthsimple Logo

Wealthsimple UK Review: Get Your First Year for Free!

In this Wealthsimple review, we take a closer look at the UK robo-advisor to help you decide if they are the right digital wealth manager for you.