Preparing Your House For Sale


When the housing market is buoyant (remember those days?) it was possible to sell your house quickly and for big money with almost zero effort. Indeed, many estate agents reported having buyers lined up to purchase properties unseen in the early part of this century.

But in the midst of a flat market, or a market in decline, buyers are at a premium and so selling your property becomes much more difficult. If you’re thinking of selling your home soon, there are several things that you need to do to give you the edge over your rivals and entice those buyers to part with their cash. And it all starts with first impressions.


“Never judge a book by its cover” – or so they say – but we are all guilty of making snap decisions based on the merest of glances at a book, a person, or in this case, a house. The street view of your property is absolutely vital: give the wrong impression and you can prejudice the buyer before they’ve even stepped inside; make the correct impression and the viewer can fall helplessly in love.

If your house is painted, give it and the windows a fresh coat, making the house look well maintained and new. Also tidy the garden, removing any unsightly or out of control weeds. Japanese Knotweed is a prime example of this and, given that it is notoriously hard to remove and potentially damaging to your property, it may be best to get professional Japanese Knotweed eradication expertise.

Once the outside is presentable, it’s time to focus on the interior.


Even though you are looking to move house, it is definitely worth considering redecorating your home before you market it. You may love your décor but if it is not to viewers’ tastes, it will turn them off your house. Decorating in a neutral style will help the viewer imagine implementing their own design and thus imagine themselves living there.

Also remove clutter and many personal effects. While you don’t want your home to be empty, you want to present the property as spacious and as a ‘blank canvas’ for potential buyers. It may also be helpful to buy some cheap but modern looking furniture to temporarily replace your own to give your house that ‘show home’ feel.

Regularly clean your house from top to bottom. Dust, stains and smells that you no longer notice will stand out with viewers and can be the difference between them making an offer or looking elsewhere.


Sell, sell, sell! If you are showing the viewers around yourself, think of a little something to say about every room and practice it. You will look cool, professional and totally in love with the house – and your love will convince the buyer that they too could fall in love with your home.

6 Responses to Preparing Your House For Sale

  1. WorkSaveLive says:

    Depending on the house, getting it ready to sell is no easy task. We hired an interior decorator to give us a few tips (because our house looked empty). After a lot of work though and investing a few hundred dollars, we whipped it into shape rather quickly!

  2. Thankfully we’ve not had to deal with this yet. Knowing how much crap we have in our house due to our kids, I shudder to think of the work that would have to go into it.

  3. I’ll be touching on this on a post shortly but it’s SO important to clean the house. Make sure to remove all the items that shouldn’t be out, box them, store them do something with them. If one wants to put their house on the market for top dollar make sure it’s worth top dollar. Don’t be sad when someone comes in at a lower price. That’s just the way it is. Great post.

    • We had 9 viewings in 3 weeks when we sold our place recently, having 2 kids it took a lot of effort to keep the place spotless for viewings but it definately paid off in the end.

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