Protect Your Bubble Review


They may have been around for a while now, but Protect Your Bubble* are still a new type of insurance company that promise to look after the things that now matter to us more than ever before.

This means that as well as typical insurance offerings, they can also cover you for the likes of gadgets and mobile phones. If you want to cover everything that you could no longer live without then this is a great place to do so.

Mobile Phone Insurance

These days, a brand new mobile phone is one of the biggest expenses that many of us face each year or so. With mobile phone theft now a real problem then, this cover can give a great deal of peace of mind when you take your phone out with you. The figures on the Protect Your Bubble website* tell us that 250,000 mobile phones are stolen in the UK each year, so getting covered definitely makes sense.

As well as theft, Protect Your Bubble also protects you in the case of damage to your phone. For instance, if the buttons stop working, the screen gets cracked or it suffers just about any other type of damage, then you can breathe easily.

Best of all, you get unlimited repairs. So if you get a run of bad luck then you will be covered for the repairs in each case. They offer specific iPhone insurance but you can also insure any other type of phone that you have. As long as it is under 36 months old and you bought it from a manufacturer, network provider or retail store then you can get it covered.

Gadget Insurance

It is amazing to think how many expensive and useful gadgets we all walk around with these days. As well as our phones, many of us now take out tablets, laptops and a lot more. Can you imagine how horrible it would be if you lost all or any of your gadgets?

We have now come to depend upon these cool pieces of technology to make our lives better and more fun. However, this means that we can end up worried about what would happen if we suddenly had to do without our favourite gadgets.

The insurance cover from Protect Your Bubble* is great news in this respect. It gives the same sort of coverage that we just looked at for mobile phones. Whether your device is stolen, falls into a cup of tea or suffers a heavy knock, they will get it fixed for you. In fact, the site states that they fix more than 1,700 gadgets each month.

If you are a big technology fan then you will be pleased to see that you can take advantage of a multi-gadget discount when arranging your cover here. Basically, you get 10% off the total for insuring 2 gadgets and a 15% discount for 3 or more gadgets. You can also choose to pay the premium monthly if that suits you better.

Other Types of Cover 

As well as great value phone and gadget insurance, you can also protect other parts of your life at Protect Your Bubble too. For instance, you can choose bicycle insurance, travel insurance and pet insurance from this company too.

Each of these types of cover could be very important if they protect something that is important to you. Whether you love going out on your bike, travel a lot or have a beloved pet at home, you will want to do your best to avoid any problems or un-necessary expenses.

Getting a Quote

To get a quote on the site* is fast and easy to do. You just need to enter into the section that you are interested in and then fill in a few basic details about what you need covered. As always with insurance, you will want to take a few minutes to read about what is and isn’t covered before you sign up.

If you do decide to arrange the policy there and then, it is easy to set up. Indeed, Protect Your Bubble offers same day cover so that you can relax right away.

Customer Service

One of the most important aspects of this insurance is that it comes with a high level of customer service that is easy to access. You have the option of calling them or else sending an email to get hold of a customer service representative. This can be a great help if you need some help right away.


It is good to see that our changing needs are now reflected in an insurance offering that protects what we now need protected. The professional approach and good value premiums on offer mean that going with Protect Your Bubble* is an easy choice when you want to give yourself some peace of mind.

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