What do I need to consider if I want to re-structure my business?


Business owners face the task of re-structuring at several points in their career, for a variety of reasons. Whether it be due to growth or a change of direction to adapt to an evolving market, the re-structuring of a business is something which needs to be done carefully. A successful re-structuring will keep your company’s strengths intact, while opening the door for development in more areas than one. Here, we take a look at several things business owners should consider when taking on the task of a re-structure.

Assess Your Current Abilities

An efficient re-structuring move will harness the elements of a business which succeed and replace those which do not. In order to do this, your first move will be to take stock of the success of various elements of your business. Understand each of your current processes and their effects, before moving onto question which results are most important to your business.

This process should be applied not only to your current business model, but also to the staff with whom you work. Understand each staff member’s strengths and weaknesses and plan accordingly.

Understand Your Motivation

Every company needs to understand its motivation in order to shape its goals effectively, and never more so than prior to a shake-up. You will need to understand which parts of your business will need to go through a process of change, and which need to be preserved in order to meet your changing goals.


It’s important to understand that the current success of your business does not presuppose success after a shake-up. Any serious changes to the way your business works will require extensive research, equal to that carried out in the very early stages of your company’s establishment.

Through the re-structuring of your business, it’s possible that you should enter a new market, be targeting a new demographic, or be working at a change of pace. The more you are able to pre-empt and predict, the better prepared your company will be to face each problem that you meet on the way.

Taxation Changes

The tax laws for business in the UK are complicated. As your business evolves, it is likely that its relationship to the tax laws will do the same. Be sure to carry out the relevant research at every step of the way in order to understand the full financial impact that comes with each and every change you make to your company.

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  1. Yuen Tuck says:

    Having pivoted several businesses I cannot stress enough that your point on research is amongst the most important. Before you make changes, make sure you now and understand the direction of your market and your competitors. And, of course, it’s essential that you know your customers.

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