Recycling Mobile Phones for Money ~ The Advantages


Once you are finished with a mobile phone you probably get all excited about the thought of buying a new one to replace it with. After all, it seems as though there are more exciting and tempting phone models being brought out all the time and you will likely want to give one of the latest ones a try, well most people do anyway.

What will you do with the old phone, though? Turning it into a piece of modern art is an option some people are taking but most of us just leave our old mobile phones lying around in a drawer or under our bed. In this case, it is probably about time that you thought about the advantages of recycling mobile phones for money. This is incredibly easy to do and brings the following benefits as well.

Afford a Better New One

The biggest and best advantage to recycling your unwanted mobile phone is that you can then afford to replace it with a better one than would otherwise be the case. We all know the feeling of looking longingly at new phones and desperately wishing that we could afford a better one than the one which we are going to buy. The huge variety of phones around these days means that with just a little bit of extra cash in your pocket you will probably have a few extra options to consider. By looking on websites like Mazuma* & Envirofone* for the current trade in price of the phone you want to recycle, you can very quickly work out how much extra you will have to spend on your new phone. You might now have enough to get the model you really want instead of the one you thought you could afford but didn’t really want.

Help the Environment

We know that recycling is a must these days but it is easy to forget that we can do it with mobile phones as well as with other items. If you don’t recycle your phone then what would you do with it anyway? Many people simply throw theirs in the bin once they no longer use it. This isn’t a great solution but sending it off to a professional phone recycling firm will ensure that it doesn’t damage the environment in any way. Even when a tired old phone is no longer in any sort of condition to be used as a phone there are still plenty of parts in it which can be salvaged and used for other purposes in the future.  In fact, some figures suggest that recycling a mobile phone instead of throwing it away saves enough energy to run a laptop for almost two days.

Avoid Clutter

Even if you don’t throw your old phone out there is a good chance that you leave it lying around cluttering up your house in one way or another. We tend to all go through so many gadgets these days that it is important to not let them cause a lot of clutter once we stop using them. The answer isn’t to put your old phone into a drawer or in the attic, where no one can see it. Instead, you should be looking for a long term, sustainable solution which lets you buy a new one and get rid of the old one without any hassle. By getting it recycled you get some money for it and ensure that you don’t clutter up your house at the same time. Maybe it’s even time to have a look around the place and see if you have any dusty, forgotten about old mobile phones lying around.

9 Responses to Recycling Mobile Phones for Money ~ The Advantages

  1. Pauline says:

    Some shops offer a trade in and take it off your hands to recycle. On ebay you can get a decent rate but the companies that do it for a living obviously have to offer you less to still be profitable.

  2. I had no idea you could do that. Thanks, Robert!

  3. I always mean to follow these steps when getting a new phone, but I wind up getting so wrapped up in the excitement of my new device I completely forget about the old one. Thanks for this info- I’ll be better next time 🙂

  4. I know our provider will do a trade in of our current cell phone (not mine the wife’s) for a better phone if she wants it. I think recycling the phone or selling one that you no longer want is better than having it around for nothing.

  5. One of the reasons why people do not recycle their old mobile phones is because it seems like a hassle. I hope the idea of making money out of recycling their old phones will increase the number of people who start to recycle their phones

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