Sainsbury's Travel Insurance 5 star Rated

Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance Review


In this Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance review, we’ll be taking a closer look at what the company has to offer you in the area of travel insurance.

We look at the kind of travel policies Sainsbury’s offer, checking what comes as standard with the policy and what you need to pay extra for. We’ll also look at any special offers the company have with regards to Nectar points.

Types of Travel Insurance Sainsbury’s Offer

As most of us know, supermarkets don’t just sell food anymore. These days they sell a range of other products and services, including financial products like Travel Insurance. But what kind of cover do Sainsbury’s offer and is it any good?

The first thing to note is that Sainsbury’s offer three different types of travel insurance cover. These are single trip, annual trip and extended stay. Let’s look at each in a little more detail.

Sainsbury’s Single Trip Travel Insurance

Sainsbury’s single trip cover does exactly what it says on the tin, in that it provides cover for one trip during the year. 

It’s possible to get cover just for yourself or you can also get it for your partner, family or even for a group of people. You can also specify what area of the world you will need the cover for. It could be the UK, Europe or the rest of the world. This may help you to save money on your quote.

To provide cover for people of all budgets, Sainsbury’s have three different levels of cover you can choose from. The cover levels offered are Silver Cover, Gold Cover and Platinum Cover. 

Some of the key benefits that come as standard with the single trip policy are things like medical emergency expenses, cancellation costs, personal baggage cover, personal accident cover, gadget cover, personal money, mugging cover, end supplier failure and travel disruption. 

The level of cover you opt for – Silver, Gold or Platinum – will decide the financial limits for each event which may occur. For an in-depth look please see the chart below. 

There are also optional benefits which you can add to a policy for an extra cost. These include enhanced gadget cover, golf cover, wedding cover, cruise cover, winter sports cover and a vehicle hire excess waiver. You can again see details of the levels of cover involved on the chart below. 

The good thing about having these policy benefits as add-ons – rather than as standard in the policy – is that it can save you money by not paying for things you don’t need.

There is no upper age limit with the Sainsbury’s single trip cover. 

If you’re a Nectar card holder then you can get 20% off when you get an online quote.

Sainsbury’s Annual Trip Cover

If you plan to take more than one trip this year, then Sainsbury’s annual multi-trip cover may be a good solution for you. 

Annual trip cover could help you to save time and money by not having to sort out separate policies for each trip you take. 

There are no limits to the amount of trips you can take in a year with a Sainsbury’s Annual trip policy. That being said, each trip will be limited to 92 days in length (if you opt for platinum cover).

Again, there are 3 different levels of cover you can take out. These are Silver, Gold and Platinum cover. Each of these levels of cover comes with different monetary limits on the amount you can claim for each eventuality.

Sainsbury’s top level of cover – their platinum cover – offers unlimited medical emergency expenses. It also comes with up to:

  • £7,500 of cover for the cancellation of your trip
  • £3,000 personal baggage cover
  • £50,000 personal accident cover
  • £750 of gadget cover
  • £750 for personal money
  • £500 mugging cover
  • £2500 end supplier failure cover
  • £7,500 for travel disruption

Optional benefits you can add to Sainsbury’s annual trip cover include:

  • enhanced gadget cover
  • golf cover
  • wedding cover
  • winter sports cover
  • vehicle hire excess waiver

Obviously these will come at an extra cost.

Sainsbury’s Extended Stay Cover

Finally, let’s look at Sainsbury’s Extended Stay cover.

Up until now the cover options we’ve looked at have only covered trips of up to 92 days. This has also been dependant on which level of cover you are interested in.

Sainsbury’s Extended Stay Cover covers you for trips of up to 548 days with Platinum cover or 365 days with Silver or Gold cover. This can be great if you’re thinking about taking a year out to go travelling or something similar.

The image below outlines the claim limits for each level of cover. Again, you can get up to 20% off an online quote if you’re a Nectar Card holder.

Extra Benefits for Nectar Card Holders 

You’ll already know from reading this review that Nectar Card holders can get up to 20% off when they get a quote online for Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance. 

There is another benefit available for Nectar Card holders, though. This comes in the form of a points boost! Sainsbury’s are currently offering double Nectar Points on any shopping or fuel you buy at Sainsbury’s when you take out an annual travel insurance policy with them.  


As we can see, Sainsbury’s offer a broad range of cover options with their Travel Insurance policies. You can choose from Silver, Gold or Platinum cover, meaning there is a choice for all budgets. They also let you choose from a range of optional extras from winter sports cover to enhanced gadget cover, meaning you only pay for the policy benefits you need. 

On top of this, Nectar Card holders can get up to 20% off when they get a quote online. They also get double points on their Sainsbury’s shopping and fuel all year when they take out an annual policy.    

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