Save Money By Getting Cheaper Mobile Phone Insurance!


Cheaper mobile phone insurance has always been important, but never has it been as vital as it is today. Since the rise of the Smartphone the cost of replacing a damaged, lost or even a stolen mobile phone has increased drastically. Although for many people mobile phone insurance is rightly viewed as an essential part of daily life, it’s more than possible that you’re paying too much for your mobile phone insurance. Most people could likely save themselves hundreds of pounds every year by taking just a few moments to check whether cheaper mobile phone insurance is available from an independent online insurer, rather than from their mobile phone contract provider!

Don’t Fall Into The Insurance Trap

Have you fallen victim to the 3 months free mobile phone insurance trap? When you’ve taken out a mobile phone contract in the past, have you noticed that your new mobile phone contract often comes along with the fabulous deal of 3 months free mobile phone insurance? On the surface an offer of free mobile phone insurance might seem like a great idea but actually it’s not the great deal it’s portrayed to be!

Mobile phone companies are actually very clever to add this “free” mobile phone insurance to your mobile contract. Even though the insurance is overpriced, they know that the majority of people will keep the mobile insurance active after the free period ends, often because they’ll simply either forget it’s there or just won’t want to be bothered with the hassle of having to cancel it.

My advice would be to refuse the free insurance from the very beginning. Most people don’t know that you can often get the exact same cover or better cover elsewhere for less than half the cost. If you have more than one phone in your household, switching your mobile phone insurer could save you more than £100 a year! If you own an iPad, iPod or any other kind of gadget, you could save even more money by insuring all of your gadgets through one single insurance provider like Gadget Buddy* or Protect Your Bubble*  rather than through separate providers!

So, the next time you’re offered the fantastic deal of free mobile phone insurance remember that in this life, nothing comes for free. If you take the time to shop around, you’ll probably find a much cheaper deal elsewhere.

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