Coffee drinker? This Money Saving Tip Could Pay Your Energy Bills!


If i’m not mistaken we are in a recession and going through the worst financial crisis in living memory!

Companies are cutting back on investment and jobs just to be able to survive, yet one company seems to be expanding and investing into new markets faster than I can blink, COSTA!

I’m an avid coffee drinker and my wife loves the stuff! Over the past few years we’ve visited many petrol and service stations, each one having their own specified ground coffee machine provided by separate companies. Lately however I seem to be seeing an array of Costa coffee on the go signs everywhere I go and it’s gotten me to thinking, is coffee recession proof?

Over the last decade the rise of coffee shops and franchises has been unstoppable, everyone needs their coffee fix! At roughly £3 a cup however, can we as a nation really afford to fund our coffee addiction? I admit that in the good old days of easy credit and rising incomes a few cups of take away coffee every week might not seem to be such a big expense but now that we’re all trying to be a little more frugal let’s see how these figures really stack up.

Let’s say we as coffee drinkers all buy 4 cups of Costa coffee a week at £3 a cup, that’s £12 a week, over £50 a calender month! Not far off an average households electricity bill and that’s not including the muffins, cookies and sandwiches we all impulse buy while we’re at the counter. Can these kind of daily luxuries be justified anymore or are they coming at the sacrifice of more important things? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we shouldn’t be allowed to have a treat every now and then but treats begin to lose their meaning if we indulge in them on a daily basis.

We can see then that reviewing our coffee drinking habits can help us to save a huge amount of money and could even put enough money in your pocket to pay your energy bills at the end of the month! So are we as a nation going to learn to re-embrace the flask or are we now that addicted to paying for extortionately priced coffee that our electricity bill can wait?

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