Food Shopping Online ~ Ways To Save Money + $100 Giveaway!


Online food shopping has really taken off in the UK over recent years. Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and many other supermarkets all offer an online food shopping service and I would hazard a guess that you see at least one of these supermarket food delivery vans on a daily basis.

I’ve heard a lot of people say they don’t like the idea of online food shopping because you have to pay a delivery charge. If you’re savvy though I think shopping for food online can actually save you money, especially when you consider you’re not having to pay for petrol, buses or even taxi’s to the supermarket.

Here are some ways you can save money when shopping for food online.

Take Advantage of Introductory Offers

The big supermarkets are always fighting for new online food shopping customers so many of them offer you a discount on your first online food shop. When I first started shopping for food online I shopped at every online supermarket that had one of these introductory offers. I got £10 off my first Tesco food shop, £12 off my first Sainsbury’s food shop and £10 Off first food shop at Ocado, doing this not only saved me money but it also allowed me to try a few different supermarkets and decide my preferred one.

Always Look At The Offers Before You Begin Your Shop

To save time on your next online food shop many supermarket websites save your last shopping list so you don’t have to add all the items to your online basket every time you do an online food shop. Though this might save you time it doesn’t always save you money as you tend to miss out on any current discounts and offers that are available. Try and get into the habit of looking at what offers are available before you begin your online shop, that way you can scan through your previous weeks saved items and see if you can make some extra savings.

Weigh Things Up

One of the best ways you can save money food shopping online is to look at the weight of the items your considering buying. Sometimes you’ll find that buying two smaller packets of meats or cheeses for example, can actually cost you less than buying a bigger pack that’s supposed to be better value.

I know it’s possible to do this in the supermarket but many people don’t because they’re in a rush or just don’t want to look cheap. When your doing an online food shop you usually have more time and don’t have to think about what other people think!

Less Temptation to Impulse Buy

One of the biggest problems with supermarket shopping is the constant temptation to impulse buy. It’s so easy to add a couple of extra unnecessary items to your shopping trolley, only to regret it at the checkout when it’s too late to change your mind.

When you shop for food online you can keep better track of what you’re spending and easily remove items before paying if you’ve gone over budget. I think this really helps to save money on your food shop.

Check Out Cash Back sites

Websites like Quidco & TopCashBack often have deals where you can get cash back on your online food shop, or even grab some extra Tesco club card or Nectar points when shopping for food online. It’s worth checking what deals are available as small savings like these build up over a long period.   

Sign Up To Emails

Nobody likes an inbox full of spam or promotional emails but I think when you’ve found your preferred online supermarket it’s a good idea to sign up to their email list. My wife and I have spotted many great discounts and online offers that we would likely have missed had we not had registered for emails from our supermarket of choice.


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  1. Good point about the impulse buying as most people blow their budget by falling into the marketing traps at the shops. You go in for one thing but end up with a cart full. Online shop has it’s pros and cons but the ability to order none the less is still a good option to have. Cheers Mr.CBB

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