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Dressing well on a budget

Dressing Well on a Tight Budget

The key to staying debt free is living within your means. Doing so can make a huge difference to your long-term financial health. Every time you buy something on credit and have to pay interest, you are effectively burning money.

January Sales

Shop the last of the January sales, without breaking the bank

Gerald Grimes, MD of Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance, explains how consumers can make the most of this last period of the January sales shopping

We can all heave a sigh of relief now that January is over. The bluest month of the year has been and gone and most of us have done well to survive the longest pay gap of the year. However, one of the few perks of this past month isn’t quite over yet – the January sales.

How to save money this winter

8 Tips to Save £1000 This Winter!

With the aftermath of the Brexit vote now playing out and inflation starting to rise, the last thing people need is for the winter frost to start driving up their energy bills too! Unfortunately, as temperatures drop it is inevitable that we will see at least some rise to our winter fuel costs.

How to Keep Your Printer Happy

How to Keep Your Printer Happy

Your humble old printer is a vital fixture in your office, but the sad truth is that printers often get left out of the office care routine. Laptops get updated, checked for viruses, PCs get a de-fragging every so often and even the window blinds are cleaned once a year. Why not, then, extend this same solicitude to your printer? Here’s how.

Is Amazon the New Best Place to Buy Whisky Online?

Is Amazon the New Best Place to Buy Whisky Online?

I’ve been a whisky lover for a long time now and although I’m no expert, I’d say that my collection is growing and my tastes are widening. While I’ve always thought that I’d find the best whisky deals at a supermarket or specialist online store, I recently noticed that Amazon have been offering some great deals on some of my favourite whiskies and with free delivery on items over £20 and free next day delivery when you have a prime membership, Amazon might well be my go to one stop whisky shop from now on!