Saving Money on Your Holiday Essentials


With the cost of holidays increasing all the time, it is important to save money where you can. The problem is that essentials, such as holiday clothes, cosmetics and other smaller items soon add up, and before you know it you have blown half of your holiday budget.

Items of hand luggage can be bought inexpensively on the internet, with sites such as offering a wide choice of suitcases. Hard or soft cases, full sets of wheeled luggage, or a simple overnight bag can be bought online at prices to suit every budget.

To help you save even more cash, This Is Money recommends some top apps for downloading prior to going on holiday. These can help you save money while abroad, keep you organised, and guide you towards the best exchange rates to boost your available holiday spend.

So what can you do to save money on holiday essentials?

Resist the temptation to buy new holiday clothes

Buying new clothes for your holiday can be a real treat, but when you think about it, this money could be put towards a luxury evening meal when you are away, or a treat for the whole family.

If you take fewer clothes with you and wear them more often, there will also be more space to bring back souvenirs and gifts. Travel soap leaves or small tubes of concentrated washing liquid take up very little space, and clothes can be washed and dried as necessary.

Take advantage of 2 for 1 deals before you leave

Sun cream in particular can be very expensive, so why not look out for special deals online and on the high street? Two for one offers are common as summer approaches, and you can save a lot of money by buying sun cream and after-sun lotion this way.

Do not exceed baggage restrictions

Weighing your suitcases and hand luggage before you leave home is the only way to be certain of avoiding excess baggage charges. With excess baggage being charged at between £10 and £20 per kilo, it is well worth double-checking each suitcase, and redistributing the weight as necessary.

Avoid travel-sized tubes and bottles

Pro-rata it costs a lot more to buy a small, travel-sized bottle of shampoo or conditioner than it does to buy a large one, so stay away from the convenience of tiny tubes and bottles. Instead, decant shampoo, conditioner and other lotions into recycled small bottles that have been emptied and cleaned.

Keep down the food bill

Pick up food items cheaply at the local supermarket, and cook meals yourself if you have the facilities. You can also save a lot of money at lunchtimes by buying bread and cold meats or cheese. All this saved money can then be used to spend on real treats while you are away to make for a holiday everyone will remember.

For more money-saving holiday tips, have a look at this article from The Guardian. It covers cost-savings on car hire, mobile phone bills while abroad, and highlights tipping etiquette in various countries around the world.

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