Saving Money While Buying a House: 3 Steps for Newcomers to the Market


While a prosperous real estate market is not always indicative of a healthy economy, there are times when these two entities synchronise perfectly. This would appear to be the case in the current market, as the rising number of first-time buyers suggests that the existing levels of economic growth should be easily sustainable throughout 2014. The fact that this demographic are being empowered in the property market bodes well for the immediate future, even as house prices continue to soar beyond the economists forecasts.

How to Save Money When Buying a House

While there may be more first-time buyers active in the market than at any point since the Great Recession, however, it is crucial that this demographic prepare themselves for the rigours of identifying and purchasing their dream home.  Consider the following techniques in the quest to save money and maximise the value of your real estate investment: –

Guarantee the Integrity of your Desired Home

If you have selected a property to purchase, the first step is to make sure that it is structurally sound and capable of justifying its price. Not only will the results of a structural survey impact on the price that you are willing to pay, for example, but it will also indicate any additional costs that may be required to maintain the property in the future. Without this information, there is every chance that you could end up paying over the odds for your home or spending more than you planned to correct structural faults.

Speculate to Accumulate Where Necessary

In the quest to make long-term savings, it is sometimes necessary to invest in products and high quality services. This is especially true when purchasing a home, as professional assistance can help to both expedite the process and keep financial costs to a minimum. The administration side of buying a house can be particularly fraught, as unforeseen delays can cost you considerable sums of money and even scupper the entire deal in some instances.

Embrace the Art of Negotiation

Regardless of whether you are buying a high-ticket item or a number of smaller products in bulk you should never accept the first price that you are given. This is especially relevant when you are buying a piece of real estate, as the amount of money involved means that you should look to seek out savings wherever possible. It is also important to note that vendors will set a slightly inflated price as a starting point, as they expect buyers to negotiate and drive the cost down. If you are save money and achieve the best possible value, you must be willing to embrace the delicate art of negotiation.

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  1. Mark Ross says:

    I agree with you on those, especially the negotiating part. Being good at haggling can give you a lot of advantages when you’re about to buy something you need.

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