Can You Sell a Broken or Damaged Mobile Online for Cash?


Most people are now aware that you can earn a few extra pounds by selling your old mobile phone online. It might be easy to sell a working mobile phone online but can you sell broken phones online for cash, or even damaged phones?

Mobile phones that are in good or excellent condition can easily be sold online to companies like Mazuma. If your mobile phone is damaged or broken though, then it’s not so easy. Mazuma will still buy your broken mobile phone but some of the other mobile phone recyclers state that if you send your mobile phone to them and it’s found not to be in good working order, they won’t even return it to you! So should you sell your broken or damaged mobile phone online to a company like Mazuma or can sell your broken mobile phone for more money elsewhere?

If you want a completely hassle free option and are willing to accept less money for your broken mobile phone then I recommend you sell it to a company like Mazuma*. If you’re willing to take a few pictures of your mobile phone and spend a bit of time writing a description however, you can usually get a lot more money by selling your broken or damaged mobile phone on eBay!

Do Some Research!

Last year I had a really bad time with my mobile phone! Over the length of my 18 month contract I managed to seriously scratch and crack the screen/casing of my mobile phone. I also managed to cause some bad water damage. I assumed that because it was so badly damaged, I would never be able to sell my broken mobile phone online. I then remembered a time in the past when I’d sold a broken games console on eBay so decided to research how much my broken mobile phone might sell for on eBay. After researching the make and model of my mobile phone on eBay*, I discovered that many people were still willing to buy my damaged mobile phone for quite a lot of money considering the condition!

Why Would Someone Buy A Broken Or Damaged Mobile Phone?

You might not have the knowledge to fix a broken or damaged mobile phone but that doesn’t mean somebody out there does! Fixing a broken or damaged mobile phone can be time-consuming and frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing, but for someone who has the skill and knowledge it can be quick and inexpensive. It’s easy for someone to make money fixing your broken or damaged mobile phone and selling it on for a profit.

How Much Should I List It For?

I’m a big fan of using the Buy It Now or Best Offer method when selling on eBay. If you want to achieve the best price for your broken or damaged mobile phone it’s again important to do your research! Try doing an advanced search on eBay and check the completed listings to see how much damaged versions of your mobile phone have recently sold for online. Use these prices as a guide but list your broken mobile phone just above the top end of these sold prices. If you list your damaged mobile phone just above the top end of these sold prices but are willing to accept offers, it won’t put bidders off. Bidders will still be happy to make an offer for your broken mobile phone at a price which they feel is still profitable for them.

Be Honest

I have to admit I felt slightly embarrassed listing my badly damaged phone on eBay because I wasn’t sure what I could write to make it sound appealing! When selling anything on eBay it’s very important to be completely honest about the condition of a broken or damaged mobile phone. List every fault or problem to ensure the buyer has no reason to make a complaint about the transaction. To completely protect yourself be sure to state in the listing that any bidder is doing so at their own risk and that your broken mobile phone is being sold for spares or repairs only!

As I said earlier if you don’t want to deal with any potential hassle, you can still sell your broken or damaged mobile phone to a company like Mazuma*.

7 Responses to Can You Sell a Broken or Damaged Mobile Online for Cash?

  1. I always buy older models of phones, so by the time I’m done with them absolutely no one wants them. I’d sell a broken one, though. If I thought the shipping would be less than the profit. 🙂

  2. I’ve seen many cell phones that are broken up for sale online but for parts. I’ve also seen people selling phones with cracked screens but you can still see what’s on the screen. I think you can buy almost anything online nowadays lol. I agree to be honest and upfront whenever you sell something but I also believe that if you are purchasing anything that is electronic to always test it before handing over your cash. I would never buy something used that I can’t test.. but that’s just me. Mr.CBB

  3. Mike says:

    Just want to say that I agree 100% about being honest on Ebay listings. We sell phones quite often online and I can tell you that being forthcoming and honest rather than trying to “pitch” buyers will help you immensely in the long run. I go as far as highlighting the imperfections of the phones that I list and my feedback comments often say “Better than described” or something similar. Also it doesn’t hurt to be strict with buyer requirements. It will help minimize the chances that you will be a victim of fraud if you only sell to people with an established Ebay reputation.

  4. Bettylee Harrison says:

    Good info. Thank you.

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