Old Mobile Phone – Should I sell it to Mazuma?


With their massive TV and online advertising campaigns most of you will by now have heard of companies like Mazuma* & Envirofone*. These companies will buy your old mobile phone quickly for cash (well cheque!). But should you sell your old mobile phone online to a company like Mazuma?

What these companies do offer is a hassle free service. You can type in the make and model of your old mobile phone on their website and they will tell how much they will give you for your old mobile. If you decide you are happy with the price you can fill in your address details, they’ll send you a postage paid jiffy bag which you just pop your old mobile phone in and post it to them. They then usually send you a cheque or deposit the money in your bank on the day they receive the phone, Easy!

But is this the best way to sell your old mobile phone online?

If you’ve never sold an old mobile phone online before, you’ll probably be shocked and quite happy with the price they offer you for it! If your willing to take a picture and write a description of your phone however you could bag yourself a lot more! The thing to remember is that for companies like Mazuma to make a profit, they have to be able to sell your phone for quite a bit more than they paid to you. They are just a middle man!

In the past I’ve found that if your willing to spend 10 minutes listing your phone on a site like eBay* you could get a lot more money for it. How much more? A friend of mine recently upgraded to an Iphone 4S so I did a quick check today to see how much he could get for his 16gb Iphone 4. Mazuma’s price was £210 but when I checked on eBay his IPhone 4 was selling on average for around £270! There is a catch though, ebay charge fees for selling your phone, at the time of writing this fee is 10% so you will only receive £243 for your phone. This still gets you £33 more than selling to Mazuma for 10 minutes work. You can even sell a broken phone online too!

There are other Internet sites that let you sell your old mobile phone online with no fees! Check out Gumtree. Gumtree are basically the same as Ebay but it’s free to sell on Gumtree. They are growing in popularity so you’ll get plenty of interest from local buyers.

If you want a completely hassle free sale of your old mobile and aren’t really bothered how much you get for it then a company like Mazuma or Envirofone could be just for you. If you don’t mind a bit of effort though you could easily get £30 to £50 more by selling it on websites like Ebay!

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