Selling at a Home Party – Is it for You?


About a year ago a craze seemed to spread like wildfire through our circle of friends. Party Hosting! We’ve all either been to one of these parties or dread our partners going to one! Either way there seems to be more and more companies using the party format as a way to market their goods. The Body Shop, Ann Summers, Tupperware, Vie just to name a few. Even Britain’s favourite TV chef Jamie Oliver has got in to the mix with his home party line Jamie at Home, which I only found out existed when my wife arrived home with a set of “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconut spoons!” Spoons made from coconut shells, just when you think you’ve seen it all!

Could these parties be a good way for you to earn some extra money?

I think party hosting can be a good way to earn some extra cash for the right type of person, with a realistic financial goal. Before you embark on your party planning escapades though, ask yourself the following questions to see if it’s right for you.

Are you expecting to make hundreds of pounds with minimal effort?

Think again. Planning parties isn’t as easy as you might at first think. Getting everyone you’ve invited to show up can be a nightmare in itself! The first party you host will likely be successful, especially if your friends and family have not been to one for a long time and are excited at the prospect. Where do you go from there though? Will they all have the same enthusiasm to come to another one a week later? At this point you’ll probably have to start looking further away from home to find people to host your parties, eating into more of your time and profits!

Then you have to be realistic about how much time you’re going to have to spend sorting out all the orders when they get delivered, assuming they deliver the right orders to you. Then you have to deliver them yourself and hope none of the items people have bought end up being returned. It all takes a lot longer than you might think. It’s not something you can do with the kids around & is probably not what you envisaged your free evenings doing.

As for earning hundreds of pounds selling at each party, let’s be realistic again. Body shop say they offer a 25% commission on your sales. I’m assuming this level of commission is similar across most of the party host companies. Lets say on an average night you take orders of £100. You would only come out with £25 for all the effort mentioned above and don’t forget your petrol if you have to travel. I’m not saying you won’t have better nights but you could also have worse!

Is it impossible to earn good money from hosting parties?

These schemes do earn good money for some people. Some of them work in a sort of pyramid selling structure. You can make it to the top of that pyramid by introducing new party hosts to the company. You will then get a share of their profits, aswell as any new people who they introduce, and so on. It takes a long time to get to this point however and it can be very stressful!

Am I saying you should never host a party?

No, I honestly think that selling at home parties can present a genuine income opportunity if a realistic view is taken. If you want to have a bit of fun with your friends & earn yourself a bit of extra shopping money in the process then by all means give it a go. You might even get a free gift and a decent discount on the goods you buy for your trouble!

If you looking to make lot of money out of it, though, be prepared for a lot of stress and a long journey to the top of that pyramid. Some people are cut out for that journey and you might be one of them. Most of us aren’t, which explains why most of the people who hosted the parties you may have attended in the past, don’t host them anymore!

Have you been a party host? Please leave a comment so others can benefit from your experience!

3 Responses to Selling at a Home Party – Is it for You?

  1. If you have a party, make sure the products offer things you really want to buy but can't afford. That way you'll get some sort of discount on the products people buy and can get yourself that little something you couldn't normally justify buying. Also if you can, invite people with money to spare and who like to shop lol 😀

  2. stacey vickery says:

    I have been a home party consultant on and off for years and I’ve done parties of £100 but also nearly £300 and friends of mine have got over £400. To be honest tho, the reason I’ve done them myself and hosted others at my home is for all the freebies you can get!! It’s a fun night whether I’ve been a consultant, host or customer!! At present I’ve been doing Jamie ( Oliver) at home. Fantastic kitchenware products you see Jamie using himself!! Anyone interested in joining or being a host contact me and benefit from some fantastic products for free!!!! 😉 xxx

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