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Should You Cancel Your tastecard Due to Coronavirus?


Last month I signed up to a tastecard free trial as I wanted to review the service. The plan was to go to a few restaurants and attractions with the 2 for 1 offers. Or to check out the cinema discounts and other things too. Then, Coronavirus hit! 

As we’re all well aware, many if not all of these attractions quickly had to close their doors. With this in mind my initial reaction was to just cancel my tastecard. Is this really necessary, though, or are there other benefits available? Here are a few things to think about before cancelling your tastecard.

Get a tastecard 2 Month Free Extension

The first thing you might be interested to know is that – when I got in touch with tastecard to cancel my membership – they immediately offered me a 2 month free extension to my subscription period. I guess the hope here is that things will be returning to somewhere near normal by then. This looks highly unlikely to be honest, but it’s a nice gesture. It really seems a no brainer to take them up on the offer. After all, if things do go back to normal there may be some even better offers available to get people back out to restaurants again. 

If things aren’t back to normal in 2 months time then I’d be surprised if another free extension isn’t offered. If not this then perhaps a discount to the cost of a year’s subscription to tastecard. Don’t take my word for it, though, as I’m only guessing.

But why would I even be interested in a discounted subscription if that does become available at a future date? 

Well this is because tastecard don’t just offer discounts on restaurants and attractions. tastecard also have discounts on things you can do from home too. I’d imagine they’re trying to ramp these up at the minute too given the current situation.

So, what does tastecard have available right now for membership holders during Coronavirus? Let’s run through a few just in case you didn’t know about them. It may be worth trying some of these out to see if it makes keeping hold of your tastecard more attractive.

Movie Rental Discounts With tastecard

tastecard has now partnered up with the Movie Streaming service Rakuten TV. This means you can use your tastecard to get movie discounts of up to 27%. Movie rentals start from just £2.99. 

How much value this represents when compared to services like Amazon Prime Video is for you to decide. It might be worth looking at the movie selection on offer at Rakuten to see if they have anything to offer that the others don’t.

50% Off Takeaway Food With tastecard

You may or may not know that – while restaurants are currently closed – some takeaway outlets are still open for business!

This means that you can still get 50% off pizza deliveries from Pizza Hut. Some Domino’s Pizza locations are also 50% off with your tastecard. 

Again whether this warrants paying out for a tastecard is up for debate. It might be worth checking what offers are being dished out by these outlets directly first. 

If tastecard are offering to extend your membership by 2 months for free then this is an added bonus.

tastecard Online Shopping Offers

Finally, tastecard have negotiated discount offers with online retailers too. 

With many of us now shopping from home a lot more due to the current crisis, some of these may be of interest to you. Be sure to take a look at what tastecard have to offer here. 

Current offers include discount beer and coffee offers. My advice would be to check what direct offers these merchants have available for new customers first, though. I only say this as tastecard currently have a discount offer available for a company called Beer52. I know that recently a better offer for the same beer selection was being promoted via Facebook. 

This offer would have given you 8 beers from Beer52 for £5.95 delivery but with tastecard it costs £12. Can you tell I like to shop around!

Should You Cancel Your tastecard?

So, after all we’ve said in this post, should you cancel your tastecard? My answer would be that at present there’s no real need to. Get in touch with the company and tell them you want to cancel due to the current circumstances. If they offer you a 2 month free extension then you will have a chance to try out some of the offers they have available. Just don’t forget to cancel it if you’re still not happy in 2 months time. Or, if things haven’t returned to some kind of normality. By this I mean with restaurants and attractions reopened and if we’re all not frightened to death to visit them and socialise again!

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