Sky Sports on Pay as you go ~ I’m tempted


It’s that time of year again when men and women around the UK (No sexism here!) start checking their budget and wondering, well dreaming that this year they might be able to splash out on a sky sports upgrade in time to watch the new premier league football season kick off. For many though the extra £25 to £30 that it would add onto your monthly TV bill – I’m with Virgin* so I’m using that as a reference – doesn’t necessarily make it unaffordable but it certainly does make you think twice about whether it’s worth paying for, especially considering the amount of time you’ll actually get to watch it!

So anyway, I started to look for another solution because I’d heard that Sky were now offering a Sky Sports Pay as you go service that you could watch through your PS3 or Xbox 360 and sure enough, I found it. It’s called Now TV* and it allows you to watch Sky Sports on pay as you go through most of your devices including your games console for a period of 24 hours for a one off cost of £9.99.

Now £9.99 might sound expensive for 24 hours viewing time but I have to admit I’m really tempted by the service for a few reasons. To begin with, I think having constant access to Sky Sports on my TV would be pretty bad for me as I tend to like watching every sport there is including all the American sports which tend to air in the early hours of the morning over here. There are times however when I just want to watch a big game – or a couple of big games – like the ones that sometimes get shown on Super Sunday. So let’s say there are 2 amazing games showing on a Sunday from about 1pm until 6pm, that’s 5 hours. If I do really want to watch the games the only option I’m really left with is to head off to the local pub or perhaps a bar.

Firstly, 5 hours in the pub on a Sunday Afternoon is just asking for trouble if you want to get any work done on Monday 🙂 Plus I really wouldn’t want to spend all day Sunday away from my two young boys when they could be enjoying the games with me (This isn’t going to happen every Sunday remember, we will still have family days out) and then there’s the cost. You can’t get a decent Pint of Beer in the pub for less than £3 nowadays, so if you’re in there for 5 hours that’s seriously going to add up and that’s before you buy the inevitable burger or steak baguette you’ll ‘need’ as a mid-game snack. So after you’ve done all this and possibly done the honourable thing and bought a pint for a mate whom you’ve not seen in a while, I think you could easily burn through £20 if you stick around for both games. Suddenly £9.99 as a one off fee doesn’t sound all that bad. But wait a minute, we could save even more.

Almost all of us sport lovers have at some point in our lives clubbed up with a few mates to watch a big Pay per view event, haven’t we? Maybe that’s just me, but I definitely know a few mates who would be more than happy to chip in a couple of pounds toward the £9.99 cost of the sky sports day pass if it meant that we were able to watch two important games, in comfy seats, with no queuing at the bar for 10 minutes when it’s time to get the next round in.

The other positive thing is that there are also no monthly fees or minimum contract periods so if things are a bit tight one month, you won’t have an automatic £25 come out of your account for something you might not even have had time to watch. Do you know what, I’m struggling to see any negatives here, I’m sure Mrs B will find some!

What do you think? Considering all of the above, would you pay £9.99 for 24 hours of glorious football action?

5 Responses to Sky Sports on Pay as you go ~ I’m tempted

  1. Hmmm this is a tough one. I’d say just do the regular upgrade 😛 I am switching cable providers next week and I plan on looking into one of the sports packages.

  2. One thing I do miss is SKY but no I wouldn’t bother paying the money as I was never home to watch any. If it’s something you fancy then sure it’s a great deal. Staying home to watch tv with some beer is better than heading to the pub to blow double the money.

  3. Yes it’s not that expensive if your friends chip in. you’d still buy some snacks and booze and if you provide for friends may spend just as much as just yourself in a pub. I like that you wouldn’t spend a thing if you go on holiday or watch the game at a friend’s.

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