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Everyone wants to find the best possible deal when it comes to buying a car. You can always try the local garage at the end of the road but you may be better off looking at a new car from a branded dealer.


Those who live in the UK’s major cities do not necessarily need to buy the very latest Audi or Aston Martin. You can always hire one of these if you really want to show off but given the popularity of smaller eco-friendly vehicles why not look at the latest offering from Smart.

Mercedes, Smart’s parent company, is offering an ingenious leasing agreement for its fortwo edition 21. Anyone who is over 21 and has held a UK driving licence for over two years is eligible for the company’s current offer.

You’ll be able lease the Smart car for 36 months at £79.00a month and then pay the outstanding payment amount at the end of this period.

The offer also includes 0% APR and free car insurance. The free car insurance part of the deal is only applicable for a year

September is the deadline for this offer, so if you’ve always wanted to own a Smart Car you need to get a move on. The initial deposit needed is £1,999 and if after 36 months you find that you don’t want to proceed with a purchase, you don’t have to.

Cost effective

Smart cars are renowned for their energy efficiency and their cost effectiveness. The Smart ForTwo special edition applies to both the Cabrio and the Coupe. Both of these cars are low on fuel consumption and their mpg ratio is impressive at 83.1mpg.

The cars are also renowned for the low CO2 emissions. For anyone who is trying to economise then the Smart car is ideal.

The car is also very stylish and easy to park. Imagine the joy of sneaking into a parking space that a Bentley can only dream about. The interiors are comfortable and stylish and these cars are ideal for short city trips.

Power steering isn’t standard but if after your 36 months lease you feel that you may benefit from this addition then it may be a good idea to see if you can get it installed.

All prices are correct at time of publication

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