I Fought The Smartphone & The Smartphone Won!


There are times in life when you just have to eat your words and admit you were wrong. For years now I’ve resisted becoming part of the Smartphone generation, laughing at all my friends as they swipe this and get an app for that. Since I started this website though I’ve been spending a lot more time online and I’ve really been feeling the need to become more socially connected when I’m away from the computer. In a sense this is exactly the kind of vicious techno cycle I’ve been trying to avoid but I suppose sometimes you just have to get with the program and join the masses.

For someone who has been resisting the move to a Smartphone it hasn’t taken me long to become my own worst enemy. I’ve only had the phone for a day and I’m already swiping my fingers around it like I’ve had it all my life. I’ve also become that guy whose checking out all the new available apps and games, I feel like a kid in a sweet shop.

I Still Have My Principles

I may have lost all vestige of my former techno resistant self but one thing I have stuck to is my frugal principles. I may have gone for a Smartphone but I certainly didn’t go for a top of the range Smartphone. I still refuse to pay upwards of £30 a month for a mobile phone contract when I can get a contract and phone that fits all my needs for just over half that. I saw some great deals available at Vodafone but in the end I managed to get a fantastic loyalty deal with Orange. The Orange deal gave me a Nokia Lumia 610 with plenty of minutes and unlimited text messaging for £15.50 a month which I thought was pretty reasonable. The deal also had some free Internet usage thrown in which brings me onto my next discovery.

How Good Is Wi-Fi!

My wife has been raving on about certain social mobile apps for a while now but I never understood what all the fuss was about until my Smartphone arrived yesterday. I know this is old news to most of you but I can’t believe how much money mobile sharing apps like ‘Whatsapp’ can save you on your monthly mobile phone bill. If you’ve got a good Wi-Fi network set up at home and good Wi-Fi hot spots in your area it seems you could easily survive on quite a basic mobile phone contract without ever having to worry about reaching your mobile usage limits.

Another thing Wi-Fi allows you to do on a Nokia Lumia is download a playlist of popular music tracks from a genre of your choice. You can then save that music to your phone to be played for free offline. I love discovering new music but since I’ve had kids I can’t seem to find the time to stay updated with all the good new bands around, I can see this being a great feature to help me discover new music.

I’m converted   

I’m guessing you can tell by now that I’m a complete Smartphone convert! I always said I’d never join the Smartphone generation but I’ve had to utterly eat my words. I just hope I won’t get led further down the vicious techno spiral.

13 Responses to I Fought The Smartphone & The Smartphone Won!

  1. Smartphones are amazing! My only issue is that it can turn you into a bit of a zombie. I have dedicated time now where it stays out of arms length so I’m not distracted or becoming too anti social.

  2. Savvy Scot says:

    Welcome to the Cool Kid’s Club 🙂

  3. Welcome to the club! I avoided it for years and finally got one two years ago. They can be so helpful and make working on the blog much more convenient.

  4. Ha, I’m not in the cools kid club lol but I’ve always had a desire to run on my own. I may eat my words one day as well (think i said that in a post the other day) but for now the money is better in my pocket. Have fun with your new phone mate…. Cheers

  5. Congrats on crossing over! Once you do you can never go back. muahahahaha! I’ve never heard of Whatsapp. I’ll have to check it out.

  6. Jose says:

    Lol, I both love and hate my smartphone. I resisted for as long as I could but finally succumbed to the temptations! I have to admit that it does come in handy when I need to get some information and am not anywhere near a computer. There’s a lot of information I have instant access too that i would sorely miss if I didn’t have one. THe thing I hate the most about mine? The horrendous spelling that comes out of almost any attempt I make at typing on it!

  7. Matt says:

    They are very addictive aren;t they?
    I actually use my latest one for similar purposes, and it’s even good enough to write blogs on, (in fact there’s an app for that too). Although sometimes, I deliberately leave it at home every now and then, just to get away from the whole head down, tapping away thing…

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