Snoop Review: An App That Wants to Save You Money


The idea of using the latest technology to save some money is pretty tempting, but how can it be done? It might be that the newly launched Snoop app helps us to do this with little or no little effort.

It is a mobile app that is said to work around the clock to save us money in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at what it offers and whether it really works.

Who Are Snoop?

This app was brought out in April 2020, with the release date having been brought forward due to the need for greater financial control during the coronavirus crisis.

The main people behind it are Jane-Anne Gadhia and John Natalizia. They are both former executives at Virgin Money, and their old boss Richard Branson has praised the app. It was mentioned at the end of 2019 that they had a team of 12 working on it, although I can’t tell if the team has grown since then.

Usnoop Limited is the company that offers this app. They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Their office is London and the company was formed in early 2019.

What Do They Offer?

This is a free app that is available for Android* and iOS devices*. It works on a 24/7 basis to save you money. This is done in the following ways.

  • It monitors your bills, to make sure that you are always paying a fair price on all of them.
  • The app also helps you to save money in the places where you spend.
  • It also lets you check all of your bank accounts in one place.

In these three ways, it brings up personalised methods of saving money for you.

What Is Open Banking?

One of the keys to the success of Snoop will be in what is known as open banking. This is described as being a way to get a better understanding of your money as well as to make the most of it.

On their official site, they also say that this approach “opens the way to new products and services”, potentially helping users to find better deals.    

Basically, you give the app your consent to access your accounts. They then search through a variety of other banks and financial service companies, to see if they can uncover a product that suits you better than what you currently have.

As well as this, you have the benefit of seeing all of your accounts and services in one place. This should make it easier for you to keep an eye on everything that is going on in your financial world.

To use this element, you need to currently use online banking or mobile banking. The Snoop website has a video on it that shows you how simple it is to set this up.  

What Do Other People Say About It?

Since this is a new app, there are still relatively few user reviews to date. The people who have left reviews on it have generally been positive, but it should be pointed out that most have only been using Snoop for a very short period.

A look at other independent reviews suggests that many people have seen enough to be convinced that the Snoop app is a useful product worth trying. Many reputable sites have praised this app, so it comes with a solid start in that respect.

Richard Branson sent his best wishes to the co-founders by Tweet, although I couldn’t see any specific endorsements by the Virgin mogul other than this.

What About the Safety Aspect?

Perhaps the biggest fear that users will have with this app is around the security aspect. You may feel a bit nervous about giving it access all of your sensitive financial information.

In this respect, the Snoop site gives us the following reassurances to put our minds at ease.

  • They use the latest security technology, with the same standards in place as leading banks.
  • Snoop won’t ask for your banking login details, and won’t see them either. Instead, when you sign up you are directed to your bank’s site to allow access from then on.
  • They are properly registered with, and regulated by, the Financial Conduct Authority. 

How Do They Make Money?

Since the app is free, you might wonder how the company can make money from it. There are three main areas where they expect to turn a profit.

First of all, satisfied users can choose to pay a tip to the service when it helps them to save some cash. There is no set figure for this, so you are free to choose whatever you think is reasonable for the situation.

Another way of making money is when a company pays Snoop for encouraging you to move to them. They say that you will always be told about this and that the commission on offer will never make them offer you a product that isn’t the best for you.

The final method of making money is by using the consumer trends that they use to help other businesses. Snoop say that they will always anonymise their data, so that your personal information can never be seen or used directly by third parties.

How Do You Get Started?

Getting started with Snoop is fast and easy. First of all, you need to go to the Google Play Store* or App Store* to download it to your device for free.

When setting up, you will be prompted for details of your online banking. You will then be taken to your bank’s site, where you can authorise the inclusion of those accounts in Snoop by entering your usual login details.  

After that, you should look out for notifications from the app telling you about the different ways that it finds of saving you money.


Looking after our money more smartly is a step that we should all be taking. The Snoop app seems to offer a simple and effective way of doing this.

I would expect people to feel a bit nervous about using their banking details in this way at first, but the information on their site confirms that they are serious about looking after your security at all times.   

All that leaves us to find out is just how effective the app is at saving us some money. The early signs are that it could prove to be a valuable tool in the search for better deals and fairer products.

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