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With the high cost of phones today, mobile phone insurance is considered to be indispensable by many people. Getting your phone insured certainly makes sense. Figures show that around 446,000 phone thefts were reported in the UK in 2016, as stealing these devices has become a huge, lucrative trade for criminal gangs.

But which UK mobile insurer is the best choice for you? Today we review so-sure*, to help you decide if they are the right mobile phone insurer for your needs and budget.

In this review, we look at what so-sure have to offer their customers and how they differ from other UK mobile phone insurers. We also look at what current and past customers think of the service they offer.

Let’s start by giving you a little background on the company.

Who Are so-sure?

This company has been around since 2016 and has grown impressively in the time since then. Their website states that their vision is to “turn the insurance industry on its head”. They aim to do this by giving people the service that they expect and deserve.

The site also talks about a “revolutionary social insurance concept” that they say makes it cheaper for groups of friends and family members to get the cover they need. In addition, this insurer promises to protect customers when they claim and reward them when they don’t.

Interestingly, they state that they are going back to the roots of insurance by focussing on the customer rather than on profits. So far so good, but now it’s time to go a bit more in-depth.

What Do so-sure Offer?

This website is based solely around mobile phone insurance. So you won’t get confused with all sorts of different type of cover. It is simple and easy to understand, meaning that anyone can get to grips with it very quickly.

Some of the main features offered by so-sure are as follows.

  • Instant cover is provided once you set up a policy*
  • Replacement or repair is typically carried out in 24 to 72 hours, as soon as the claim has been approved
  • The excess amount starts at £50 for accidental damage and £70 for loss or theft. It is worth noting that you need to validate your phone with the so-sure app or it will be £100 higher than this
  • Mobile devices up to 3 years old are accepted 

What Is Social Insurance?

One of the most eye-catching things about so-sure is their social insurance aspect. This is a clever benefit that could see you get back up to 80% of your previous year’s premium. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

Basically, you can make connections on here with other policyholders. It is designed for groups of family and friends to link up, but you can connect to anyone. This is easy to do by SMS, WhatsApp or email.

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Once you hook up with another member, you get £10 added to your reward pot, as do your linked friends. If neither you nor anyone connected to you makes a claim during the policy year then you will get awarded the full value of your reward pot. The examples on the site show a £40 reward for having 4 connections, and £80 if you have 8 of them.

Therefore, it is kind of like a group no-claims bonus idea. It is a clever way of working that is a great idea if you know some people who are careful with their phones. Of course, you can also choose to ignore the social insurance part and just have a policy with no connections on it if you prefer.

What Do Their Customers Say?

When it comes to insurance policies, the proof of how good they are is in what their customers have to say about them. After all, their reputation has to be built on the solid foundations of doing what they promise and paying out claims without any fuss.

A look through the Trustpilot site shows us that the majority of people are very happy with so-sure. In fact, three quarters of the reviews have an “excellent” rating. Given how difficult it can be for insurance companies to keep people happy, that is a terrific average.

Looking through the online reviews, there are some points that their customers seem to be particularly pleased with. First of all, there is the fact that it is so easy to set up a policy*. Since we are all so busy these days, this is a big advantage.

The customer service is also highly rated. Many people have pointed out that making a claim was very easy due to the professional, friendly way that the support team go about their business. The low premiums is another aspect that gets a lot of praise.

As is always the case with insurance, there are some negative reviews. These seem to be related to specific situations, such as claims, that are difficult to verify. However, it is worth stating that the so-sure support team have left replies that make sense and invited each of these customers to discuss the issues further.

How Do You Get Started?

The good news is that getting started on a new policy is incredibly fast and easy to do. The first step is to get a quick quote*. You are only asked for 3 basic bits of information here. These are the make, model and GB storage of your phone.

So-sure now offer one month free when you buy an annual policy, with premiums starting from £4.95 a month.

After this, you get shown your price right away. If you are happy with the quote, you just need to tap the “Get Started” button to complete the details.

Remember that we mentioned earlier the benefit of validating your phone to get a lower excess? This is something that you can do to prove that the device isn’t already damaged in any way. You can do it simply on the so-sure app by following a few short instructions.

The option of validating your phone to get a lower excess is a smart approach to making the insurance as fair as possible. You definitely don’t want to miss out this step, especially as it is so easy to do.


There is no doubt that insuring our mobile devices is something that is essential these days. Yet, it seems that many traditional insurance firms have either overlooked this market or else gone about it in an old-fashioned way that doesn’t really fit.

The good thing about so-sure* is that they have taken a fresh, modern approach that fits in perfectly with this type of insurance. If you want to look after your mobile phone and protect yourself then this is a good way of doing so.

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