Switch to the cheapest Gas & Electricity Supplier before it’s too late!


Along with the rise in food prices, energy price rises are one of the biggest price increases to have faced familes in the UK in recent times. Even though energy companies seem to be making bigger and bigger profits the cost of energy just keeps on rising. In fact many hard working familes are struggling to cope.

Despite price cuts earlier this year, industry insiders have warned energy costs are creeping up as the cheapest deals are vanishing from the market. Prices are predicted to rise by 15% over the coming year so switching to a fixed rate package now before the best deals disappear could help to save you a fortune!

According to many recent credible studies, if you were to switch to the cheapest Gas & Electricity Supplier now you could save nearly £300 a year! Quite a healthy saving for just a few minutes work.

Another way you can save money on your energy bill is simply to use less energy. Ensure your home is adequately insulated, eliminate any drafts, install double glazing or at least hang thick curtains! Although watching the amount of energy you use can be environmentally friendly and can also save you money, many people can make more substantial savings by ensuring that they’re on the cheapest gas & electricity price tariff.

Most typical households still pay £1,320 a year (after price cuts) on a standard tariff, but someone on the very cheapest tariff would pay £1,030 for the same usage. So anyone who’s not switched to the cheapest Gas and Electricity supplier since the price rises should compare & switch now to reduce what they’ll pay.

Many of the big comparison sites like Uswitch occasionally have special deals from suppliers where they will give you cash back or vouchers if you switch to a certain company and sometimes this can be lucrative. Earlier this year for example I saved over £200 by switching supplier and also received £100 worth of vouchers to spend at many high street stores. These incentive vouchers certainly paid for some nice presents for the kids!

So don’t put it off! Switching your gas and electricity suppliers over to the cheapest tariff is really easy to do and once you’ve found the cheapest gas & electricity supplier your new energy company will then take care of the rest!

According to recent research the UK is set to become more dependant on foreign energy and as a result the price rises will keep on coming. Regularly reviewing your energy tariffs will hopefully go some way to helping you beat these energy price rises.

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