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Credit Builder Credit Cards – Using them wisely

Recently on Money Bulldog we discussed the predicament most newbies face when it comes to getting credit. Most lenders prefer you to already have a decent credit score before they’re willing to lend to you. Yet to get a decent credit score someone is going to have to allow you to borrow money. Enter credit builder credit cards.

The Top Reasons to Take Your Credit Card on Holiday

When you head off on holiday there are some essential items you won’t want to leave behind. Your passport, your sun cream and your baggy shorts are a few of these things but what about your credit card? There are also some very good reasons for taking this away with you.

Get Money Anywhere

It can be frustrating to be far from home and not be able to get hold of money. Even if you are carrying traveller’s cheques or an internationally recognised currency like US dollars it can be a hassle to get hold of the cash you need. If you are off the beaten track you might find that banks are thin on the ground and there is no bureau de change or other place to change your money into local currency. The good news is that credit cards can now be used even in places you might not have thought possible. By having your card with you at all time you can take money out of an ATM or pay in stores just about anywhere you go. This is sure to put your mind at ease before you travel, although if you are going somewhere off the beaten track you could check ahead online to see what ATMs are available in the region.

Infographic shows credit cards are most worrying debt

The amount of debt households have is still worrying many people, with credit card debt top of their list of concerns. With some cards charging high interest rates, it can take a long time to clear the debt. Are there any ways to reduce your credit card debt and what help is available if you can’t pay it off?

According to the Infographic ‘Personal Debt in the UK’ 42% of adults in the UK are worried about the amount of debt they have. Among those polled in the research carried out by ComRes which features on the Infographic, 32% of people said debts accumulated on credit cards and store cards caused the most worry.

Credit Cards to Protect your Purchases

Everyone has, at some point, battled with retail staff when attempting to return a product they’re not happy with.

As the staff who deal with these kinds of issues are usually unaware of the official process, it can be down to the discretion of the manager to give you your money back, replace an item or do nothing. With the increasing power of social media it is becoming even easier to complain to big brands which may lead to bad PR on brands.

Legally, stores have to oblige to certain situations and allow you a refund, though getting them to agree to this can be tricky if you are unsure as to what your rights are.

How to get the most from your credit card

For a budget conscious home a credit card can be a real help (as long as it’s used responsibly). You should never use a credit card to pay for things you don’t already have the cash for, but as long as you can pay the balance off every month so you never have to pay interest on the credit there are lots of potential benefits to having a credit card:

Building your credit rating

Pretty much everything you do, from starting a new mobile phone contract to paying your rent, can affect your credit rating. And you should always aim to stay on top of your finances so you can stay out of debt and build a solid credit rating. However, one way to actively work towards improving your credit rating is to have a well-managed credit card.