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surveyor inspecting a house

Mortgage Valuation Survey – What do they look for?

After writing a post the other day about whether it’s worth getting a mortgage I realised that I haven’t written a ‘mortgage tips’ post in a while, so here’s one for all you homebuyers and sellers out there. Today we’re asking the question, Mortgage Valuation Survey What do they look for?

HomeBuyer Reports ~ Are They Worth it?

 If you’ve ever bought a house in the UK or are currently in the process of buying one, then it’s quite likely that you’ve heard of a Homebuyers report. Homebuyers reports are a kind of middle of the road building survey, a step up from a basic valuation for mortgage purposes but a step down (quite a big step) from a full structural survey. If you’ll be taking a mortgage out on the house that you’re buying, then mortgage lenders will require that as a bare minimum you have a basic valuation survey to prove that the house is worth what you say it’s worth and also that it’s not going to fall down anytime soon. Although a lender will usually only require a basic valuation, they will also offer you the option of a Homebuyers report or even a full structural survey. So is it worth paying the extra money for a Homebuyers report? Although for some they may serve a purpose, personally I’m not a great fan of Homebuyer reports for the following reasons.

Selling Your House? How You Can Influence The Surveyor Valuation!

Today was a very important day for our family, a surveyor has been to survey our house!

4 weeks ago we put our house on the market after years of debating. After putting an immense amount of effort into preparing our home for a viewing, last week we accepted an offer and sold our house! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not counting my chickens just yet. Accepting an offer is the easy bit and is just the beginning of a process of technicalities and legal issues, all of which have potential obstacles to the sale of your house hidden within them!