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Financial Snakes & Ladders

Whether you are looking to buy a house, a new car, save for a holiday or simply put some money away for a rainy day, saving is a vital part of financial success for anyone of any age. Yet why is it that some people seem to be so much better at saving money than others? Is it to do with their upbringing? Did they have special savings goals set for them from being young? Or do some people just have an inbuilt genetic ability to be good savers?

Are you outperforming the worlds top Fund Managers?

I know that Mondays aren’t the most exciting day for most people so rather than ask you to read a lengthy post, I thought I’d share this interesting and insightful infographic with you today instead.

The infographic takes a look at how the world’s top managed funds have performed over the past 10 years in relation to the stock market itself and I found the stats presented to be quite astonishing. If you were offered the chance, how many of you would like to place your hard-earned cash in the hands of one of the world’s top traders and hedge funds? On impulse you might think ‘Where do I sign?’. In reality though, this infographic shows that it could perhaps be one of the worst things you could do.

Infographic shows credit cards are most worrying debt

The amount of debt households have is still worrying many people, with credit card debt top of their list of concerns. With some cards charging high interest rates, it can take a long time to clear the debt. Are there any ways to reduce your credit card debt and what help is available if you can’t pay it off?

According to the Infographic ‘Personal Debt in the UK’ 42% of adults in the UK are worried about the amount of debt they have. Among those polled in the research carried out by ComRes which features on the Infographic, 32% of people said debts accumulated on credit cards and store cards caused the most worry.

The Road to Good Credit

Hey everyone, I hope you’ve all had a great week and are looking forward to another sunny weekend!

I’m stepping away from our usual blog format today to bring you an Infographic which shows in great detail the things that can cause a person to become either creditworthy, or non-creditworthy in the eyes of most mainstream lenders. These can include things such as your employment status, your age, your location, whether you’re a homeowner or dare I even mention it, your gender apparently! And all of this before we even get started on your actual credit history.

The Biggest Companies in the World ~ Where did they begin?

Many of the most successful businesses and multi-national chains in the world today didn’t start out that way. A lot of those companies started out small, with just one or two people running the show. When researching this post I came across a great infographic and just had to share it, you can see it below. But what is it that makes one company succeed where others fail?


One of the common themes that can be seen in all the companies mentioned on the list below is a clear concept and a clear vision. Some may have had big ambitions from day one and others might have found their expectations heightening as they began to see their business grow, but they all had a clear concept of what they wanted their business to be and a clear vision of where they wanted their business to be next week, next year and far beyond.


It’s true that not every company will be as big as Facebook or as dominant as Google, only a handful will make it to that level, but there’s nothing to say that your company won’t be one of those sat proudly in the palm of greatness. Where do you believe your company can be 10 years from now? How high have you set your sights?