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A guide to understanding the balance between risk and reward

Successful investment is crucial to your future financial well being and has significant potential for increasing your wealth. However, investing is inherently risky. Most investors accept that they need to take some risk in order to have the best chance of achieving their longer-term goals. Therefore, when developing your investment strategy, it is important to understand the reason for making each investment, your capacity to withstand losses over both the short and longer term, and the extent to which you are prepared to risk such losses in return for the gains you might make.

Reduce Portfolio Risk with Real Estate and Gold

Investment gains and losses are often viewed in a limited context. A focus on short term returns causes many investors to lose perspective of broader risks, such as having a portfolio that rises and falls in tandem with the market.

Thankfully, there are convenient ways to invest in asset classes that are negatively correlated to the broader market. These asset classes include real estate and gold. Despite volatility, limited exposure to these hard assets can reduce portfolio risk.

Most successful investors

Fortune Favors the Brave: The Most Successful Investors and Their Secrets

While savvy investment forms a part of many business strategies, there are still some key differences between a standard businessperson and an investor. Certainly, if we had inherited a media empire from our fathers at the age of 21, we too could have grown it into an even larger

4 of the Worst Investments You Could Make

We all like to think that we are good at spotting good investments. However, there are some bad investments that many people fall for all the time. These are simple ways to throw your money away and the following are some of the worst investments you could make.

Beginners Tips for Buying Shares Online

So, you want to get involved in the stock market and have worked out that doing it online is the best bet for you? Now all you need to do is get started. It isn’t as difficult as you might think and hopefully the basic beginners tips for buying shares online in this post will have you ready to do some trading and make some money in no time.