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At what age should you be allowed to retire?

As the Chancellor today reads out his Autumn statement one of the main points that will stand out to many people is the increase in the state retirement age from 65 to 68 years old being brought forward to the mid-2030’s, with the possibility of it rising even further by the late 40’s. (Is it just me or does it seem a little weird talking about the 40’s in the future tense?). I know that the year 2046 may seem a long way off right now but the move will affect millions of people in their thirties and forties and there is no guarantee that these dates won’t be moved even further forward in the coming years. With this in mind then it did get me to thinking, what age is it reasonable to expect a person to work until?

Annuities: Retirement Vehicle Of The New Economy

During these difficult economic times many of us are being forced to “retire” on anemic pension incomes or lump sum payouts that may buy survival but nothing close to the retirement we dreamt about. Although the prospects for a better economy are lean, there are ways each of us can improve our situation through annuities.

Benefits to stretch a State Pension

New figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that inflation was higher than expected for September – which will mean a rise in State Pension values come April.

Planning for your retirement: How should it be done?

When we’re in the prime of life, thinking about what the future holds might be put on the back burner, but at some point, we have to wonder what we’re going to do as soon as retirement appears on the horizon. We’re expected to retire from work for good as soon as we reach our mid-60’s, but saving as soon as possible is ideal.

If, for example, you don’t have the funds or financial knowhow to save for your retirement, what can you do when planning for old age? Here, we have a few handy tips for you in order to help ensure you have the means to pay for all the basics and more once you’re ready to call it a day at work.

Emigrating ~ What Happens To My UK Pension?

2012 has now officially been recognised as the wettest year since records began. It’s no wonder then that many people approaching retirement are considering a move abroad hoping to enjoy warm evenings, good food and sea views with the stress of work being a thing of the past. To make this dream a reality you need to know where you stand with your finances, especially what will happen with your UK pension which you’ve been contributing to for the majority of your working life.