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How to Sell on eBay: A Beginner’s Guide

Now that buying goods on eBay has become ubiquitous, many are turning to the world’s most popular online auction and shopping website to earn money of their own. Selling on eBay can be a profitable work-from-home venture, though many beginners often find there is a steep learning curve before they start bringing in actual profits. Below are some helpful guidelines that will steer beginning sellers in the right direction, speeding up the learning curve in the process.

Controversial Ways To Make Money On Ebay #2

It’s here NFL Super Bowl XLVII, did you get a ticket?

Last week I related a story about a seller on eBay who was making money online by selling Amazon products on eBay for a profit. It sparked quite a reaction on the comments so I thought I’d throw another controversial eBay money maker out there for you all to Judge.

Selling Sold Out Tickets

Whether it be for a concert, comedy show, sporting event or any other popular event, the resale of sold out tickets is something that has gone on in one form or another for generations. Since the invention of auction sites like eBay though, the issue seems to have found it’s way even more into the public eye as tickets are bought up on a mass scale by eBay and other online sellers only to be put up for sale on the same day at extortionate prices on eBay.

In last weeks post about the seller who was selling Amazon products on eBay, a lot of the commenter’s thought the practise was fair game. In general people felt that someone had inventively spotted an opportunity to make money and that if the buyer wasn’t willing to spend the time to find the cheapest product online it was their own fault and the seller should be free from blame. I wonder if the same thoughts will apply to the buying up of events tickets for resale at a higher price?

A Crazy Way to Make Money On eBay!

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon what is perhaps the craziest way to make money on eBay I’ve ever seen. Some of you might disagree and think it’s a quite ingenious way to make money on eBay. Whatever your school of thought, I’d be interested to know if any of you have ever tried selling on eBay in the following way or if you’ve ever spotted others doing it.