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The Old Fashioned Money Saving Tips Mum Knows

When it comes to saving money there is one person you should always turn to; your Mum. My Mum knows more money saving ideas than anyone else I know. The only drawback is that I have always thought that her money saving tips were old fashioned and sometimes downright bizarre.

Make the Working Week Less Expensive

Going to work every day can be an expensive business, can’t it? You probably spend a fair amount of your monthly wages this way without even realising it. The first step towards spending less money during your working week is to figure out what exactly you spend it all on in the first place. Once you have done this then some of the following ideas could help you cut down on your expenses.

Frugal Living in the City

There are many advantages to living in a big city but the higher associated cost is definitely not one! Here are six sure fire tips to help you save and make the most of your money.

Food Shopping Online ~ Ways To Save Money + $100 Giveaway!

Online food shopping has really taken off in the UK over recent years. Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and many other supermarkets all offer an online food shopping service and I would hazard a guess that you see at least one of these supermarket food delivery vans on a daily basis.

I’ve heard a lot of people say they don’t like the idea of online food shopping because you have to pay a delivery charge. If you’re savvy though I think shopping for food online can actually save you money, especially when you consider you’re not having to pay for petrol, buses or even taxi’s to the supermarket.

Here are some ways you can save money when shopping for food online.