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The Biggest Companies in the World ~ Where did they begin?

Many of the most successful businesses and multi-national chains in the world today didn’t start out that way. A lot of those companies started out small, with just one or two people running the show. When researching this post I came across a great infographic and just had to share it, you can see it below. But what is it that makes one company succeed where others fail?


One of the common themes that can be seen in all the companies mentioned on the list below is a clear concept and a clear vision. Some may have had big ambitions from day one and others might have found their expectations heightening as they began to see their business grow, but they all had a clear concept of what they wanted their business to be and a clear vision of where they wanted their business to be next week, next year and far beyond.


It’s true that not every company will be as big as Facebook or as dominant as Google, only a handful will make it to that level, but there’s nothing to say that your company won’t be one of those sat proudly in the palm of greatness. Where do you believe your company can be 10 years from now? How high have you set your sights?

Starting A Business ~ The Dangers Of Under Pricing

Most people who run their own business will admit that when they first started out they were pretty clueless and had a lot to learn. This is especially true if you’re setting up a new business in a sector where you have no prior experience. One of the key areas where people often make mistakes is pricing. Pricing your product or service correctly is key to the success or failure of a business. Pricing can be even more tricky in the early days of a business because people are so desperate to gain new customers or clients that they often undersell their services. While marketing strategies such as introductory offers are not always a bad thing, there is a danger that under pricing your services too much could negatively affect your business in the long run. Why?

5 Essential Qualities You Need To Start & Run A Successful Business!

Although economically hard times can be tough and frustrating for many, some good can come out of a recession! One positive thing that can arise from a recession is an Entrepreneurial Spirit. Whether someone has been forced by circumstance or has simply just spotted a gap in the market, many brave and admirable people choose to start a business during a recession.

If you’ve made the decision to start a business and become your own boss I applaud you, but be prepared, it’s a lot harder than people think. Here are 5 important qualities you’ll need to possess in order to start up & run a successful business, and just for good measure they all begin with P!

Starting A Business That Will Thrive During A Recession!

With the jobs outlook so bleak at the moment many people have commendably decided to try and make their own money by starting their own business. As commendable as this is, lets not pretend that in times of recession starting a successful business is easy! The whole reason the jobs market is so bad in the first place is that people have run out of money and have stopped spending!

Don’t be put off though! Many people are still able to make a good living and some businesses are even thriving in this tough environment.

What factors should you consider when trying to start a business during a recession? What type of business is likely to succeed in this tough economic environment?

Before you begin it is imperative for you to know the legal requirements in the state or sovereign states that you will be doing business in. For example, in the US the requirements needed to form a limited liability corporation in California may be different from the requirements needed to form a limited liability corporation within the island of Great Britain. Some states have tax laws that favor start-up businesses, while others have more stringent regulations that actually deter start-ups. Before deciding how to build your business, do your research and ensure that you know what you must do to be in compliance with state and local laws.

Lets consider 3 things people are looking for in times of recession and more importantly are happy to spend their money on!