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How Long Could You Live Without Your Salary?

Here’s a scary thought for you. I remember reading a few years ago that most Brits would only have enough money to last a few months if they lost their salary.

I just did some research and the most recent article I could find on the subject said that most of us have only enough put away to survive 3 months. 3 months. Isn’t that shocking? We work for year after year and if we were to lose our job we could be penniless in next to no time.

So how can we avoid this happening?

How to Deal with Unemployment

Losing a job, for whatever reason, can really hit hard. Whether you’ve been made redundant or your contract has been terminated for another reason, being jobless after having security for a while can be a real tough experience. Trying to cope without the steady income can be crippling, especially if you’re the main breadwinner at home – it can really affect your mental well-being as well as your financial security.

Should People On Benefits Have To Work For Their Money?

Benefit entitlement has always been a contentious issue of debate within society and the debate has gathered even more strength as our economy sinks deeper into the doldrums. Yesterday appeal court judges ruled that the UK government has been acting unlawfully by forcing people to take unpaid work experience placements in order to keep their Jobless benefit payments. The 24 year old who brought the case against the government claimed that government work programs requiring unemployed benefit claimants to take on unpaid work placements were illegal as they broke slave labour laws. So should people who claim unemployment benefits be forced to work for their money or do these work programs actually amount to slave labour?

Be reasonable but know your worth!

A few years ago the thought that you might struggle to find a job was almost laughable! Employers were chomping at the bit to snap up talented individuals to further their business exploits!

Since the economic crash the picture has changed completely. Unemployment is high and businesses are fearful of hiring as they don’t know what the future holds.

The sad thing is that some employers will try to take advantage of this by preying on vulnerable individuals and paying them wages that really don’t reflect their skills & worth. If you are one of those people who is in desperate need of a job, I really do feel for you. The goal of this post is to encourage you to balance two aspects of a job search. Being reasonable but knowing your worth!

This is the hardest balancing act when searching for a new job. We all want a job that utilizes and rewards our qualifications and skills. In the current climate though, that may not be fully achievable. If you were previously employed as a web developer for example, it can be hard to accept that you may have to stack shelves if you want to start earning again.

Be Reasonable

I’ve seen pride rear its ugly head at various times in my life! When we find ourselves in a position where we are no longer able to provide for