Tesco Fuel Save – What is it and how does it work?


If you shop at Tesco or are a person who just loves to hunt for a cheap petrol deal, then the chances are that you will have heard of the Tesco Fuel Save scheme. Tesco Fuel Save allows you to save up to 20p per litre on petrol when you fill up your car, simply by doing what you already do when shopping at Tesco and using your Clubcard when you pay for your shopping.

How Tesco Fuel Save Works  

Tesco Fuel Save works by giving you a certain amount of discount off of your petrol, depending on how much money you spend on Tesco groceries in-store or online. Each time you spend £50 when shopping in-store or online and use your Clubcard, you will earn a 2p per litre discount on fuel when you fill up at participating Tesco filling stations.

For instance, if you spend an average of £400 per month on your grocery shopping at Tesco then you will earn a discount of 16p per litre when you next fill up at a participating Tesco petrol station, this is 2p for every £50 you’ve spent on groceries. This discount applies to each litre of petrol that you put into your car. If you fill up with 10 litres of petrol for example, then you will save £1.60 (16p x 10 litres) off of your bill when you present your Tesco Clubcard when paying for your petrol at the till, it’s that simple. The maximum amount of discount that you can build up and use at any one time is 20p per litre.

If you are still finding this to be a little confusing then there is a simple video on the Tesco Fuel Save website which explains everything very clearly along with a step by step interactive guide. This guide includes a handy calculator which lets you input your average monthly grocery spend as well as your average fill up amount to see just how much money you would be likely to save using the Tesco Fuel Save scheme. You can also pop in your postcode to find the nearest participating Tesco filling station.

How to keep track of your Tesco Fuel Save discounts

There are several ways in which you can keep a track of how much discount you have built up using the Tesco Fuel Save scheme.

Your Tesco grocery shopping receipt – You can easily check how much Fuel Save discount you have due by looking at the bottom of your receipt when shopping for Tesco groceries in-store.

By email – If you shop online then Tesco will send you an email with your Fuel Save balance the day after your shopping has been delivered.

Check Online – It is also possible to check your balance online by logging into your My Clubcard Account and clicking on the ‘My Fuel Save’ link. You’ll need your Clubcard number to hand when checking this way.

Things to keep in mind

There are certain things that are worth keeping in mind when using the Tesco Fuel Save scheme. The first is that you will need to have a valid Clubcard registered to be able to participate in the scheme and you will need to fill up your car at a participating Tesco filling station. Also, it’s worth noting that any Fuel Save savings are separated into so-called ‘monthly pots’ and each monthly pot is valid until the end of the following month. For more information on the ‘monthly pots’ be sure to watch the earlier mentioned video on the Tesco website and also to read the terms and conditions on the Tesco site so that you can maximise your Fuel Save savings. This way you can work them to your advantage, getting the most from them and saving the maximum amount of money using this cheap petrol deal from Tesco.

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