The Aldi Challenge – What is it and how does it work?


After my wife wrote a post yesterday comparing the Aldi and Lidl stores and talking about why she likes different aspects of each of these stores, it seemed kind of ironic that we had an Aldi promotional booklet drop through the door this morning highlighting all of their latest deals. On the back of the booklet was a voucher for £5 off your shop when you take the ‘Aldi Challenge’. The Aldi Challenge isn’t something I’d heard of before now, so I thought I’d find out just what it is all about and also how it works.

What is the Aldi Challenge?

If you haven’t seen the TV adverts for the Aldi challenge then you might be a little clueless as to what it involves, this was certainly the case for me anyway. It also didn’t become much clearer when I searched the hashtag on twitter either – #AldiChallenge – as the tweets didn’t give all that much information about how the challenge worked. I was only really able to understand what the Aldi Challenge was after I’d watched a video of one of their advertorial campaigns that had been launched earlier in the year on their website.


This advert explained that the idea behind the Aldi Challenge was to get consumers to switch their shopping over to Aldi for a month and then at the end of the month, work out how much they’d saved. Once they’d done this, Aldi would then hope that because you were so happy about how much you had saved, you would then want to share the results with your friends! This could be done by tweeting about it using the hashtag #AldiChallenge or by using the hashtag when sharing your results on other social networks too.

What’s in it for you?

So what’s in it for you then? Well, unless you have received a coupon through your door this week offering you £5 off your shop when you take the Aldi Challenge, it really is just the fact that you will be able to save money each and every week by shopping at Aldi versus your usual supermarket. Saving money is always a good thing in my book though, so this is certainly a valid reason to take the challenge.

What’s in it for Aldi?

For Aldi, the challenge gives them something to promote to potential new customers via social media. They can effectively spread the word about their discounts on social networks for free, as you the customer will be doing it for them. It also gives money saving bloggers like me something to write about, so I guess they’re winning there too! 🙂

Should you take the Aldi Challenge?

From a money saving point of view, it’s certainly worth taking the challenge. As a family, we have definitely saved money by shopping in discount stores and I really don’t feel that the quality of the food that we eat has taken much of a hit at all. In fact, I’d even go as far as to say that some of the food available at the discount supermarkets is better than that offered from the bigger brands.

As to whether you want to tweet about your savings, well I suppose that depends on how happy you feel about how much you have saved. If you are genuinely shocked and you think that your friends could save money too, then you might just find that you can’t possibly keep it to yourself.

Have you taken the Aldi Challenge? How much did you save?

3 Responses to The Aldi Challenge – What is it and how does it work?

  1. Hannah says:

    I’m not sure if their prices are as great across the pond, but here in the states that “Aldi for life” challenge is probably saving me about 35% on my groceries and 200% on my sanity. I only miss fresh herbs.

    • Adam Buller says:

      Hi Hannah,

      Yeah those kind of savings sound about the same. For us I think we’d like our local store to be a bit ‘fresher’ in its appearance but that might be because it opened up a good few years ago now. Also the odd self-service checkout wouldn’t go amiss! 🙂 I really shouldn’t complain with the savings we’re making though.

  2. Aldi is a staple for me! I shop there frequently; Aldi helps me keep my weekly grocery bill under $20 most weeks! I’ve noticed that the fruit stays fresh longer if I get it from a full-price grocery store near me, but pretty much everything else is just as good/better–not to mention cheaper–than anywhere else.

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