The Best and Most Cost Effective Ways to Market a New Business


Setting up a new business is one of the most challenging things that any of us could do with our lives.

To get a new business up and running from scratch is a tall order and one of the most difficult parts is finding your customers. If no one knows about your business and what you do then what is going to make them part with their money to do business with you? The following are some of the best and most effective marketing methods that don’t cost much money but which can be very effective.

Print Off Flyers

Flyers are one of the classic ways of letting the world know that you exist and have something to offer them. The first step is to come up with a smart, eye-catching design that will attract people’s attention. You might want to try a few different approaches until you find the perfect one for your business and for your target market. After this, you need find out how to print flyers for your business professionally. Getting a quality printing firm to do this for you isn’t anywhere near as expensive as you might think.  Finally, you need to work out how to distribute them so that they make it into the hands of the people you want to reach out to. If you get it right then this can be a fantastic way to let lots of people know about you in a cost effective way.

Send Out E-mails

E-mail marketing campaigns are cheap, flexible and easy to run. The very first point you need to consider is where you will get the e-mail addresses from. If you have started pulling together an e-mail list of potential customers then this is a good start, but you might also want to buy in contacts from a specialist marketing firm. If you do this then be sure to choose a company that lets you define your target market. For example, you might want to narrow down your contacts on a geographical basis or based on their age or interests. After this, you will want to spend some time crafting an interesting and appealing series of messages to send out. The last step is to send out the messages, at which point you will find that email marketing software makes the job a lot easier and will help you to track the open rate and response rate as well.

Use Your Online Presence

Of course, many companies now get the bulk of their business in through their online presence. Depending upon the industry you are in it could be easy enough to make an impact or it could take you a long time to get a foothold against lots of tough competition. In either case, you will want to make your website as attractive as possible and try to climb up the Google search results rankings.  Including a blog can be a very good idea, as this lets you establish a personal connection with your audience, inform them about your products and entertain them. A blog will also give you a chance to add in some of the most important keywords that you want Google to rank you on. Don’t forget to use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to spread the word too, although you need to be very careful not to appear to be too pushy with your message when using social media. Remember that most people are on these sites to have a good time, to find out something new and to meet like-minded people, not to get advertising pushed onto them.

What other marketing methods have you found to be low cost and highly effective?

2 Responses to The Best and Most Cost Effective Ways to Market a New Business

  1. Amos says:

    I have used email marketing method for some time and I can agree that it is cheap and has good returns. The only hustle that may exits is pulling the contacts together.

  2. Social media is another option that doesn’t cost too much. You can buy Facebook ads for a cheap price and target exactly who your customers are.

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