The Best Video Conferencing Software On The Market


Video conferencing has come a long way in the past few years, enabling it to be adopted by users on a wider scale than ever before. Businesses are turning to technology to streamline operations, with huge advances in technology allowing enhanced communication amongst teams. Video conferencing is allowing collaboration amongst team members to be much easier to achieve and maintain. If you are not already using some form of video conferencing it might seem like a daunting process, with so much technology out there available for businesses to use, all advertising their benefits as being unique and suitable for you. But, how can it really help your business?

It’s undoubtedly a good thing that there have been so many advances in technology that have allowed for video conferencing to pave its way in the technological world. It is allowing it to be much easier to integrate into businesses, and those that might have found it daunting to integrate it in the past, are now finding themselves much more open to the opportunities that are available to them. This software can open up a whole host of opportunities – and it’s not just about increasing productivity either. Video conferencing enables those with a global reach to easily maintain communication throughout the business.

The initial benefits of video conferencing will, of course, look to the reduction in costs for the business, including time and travel expenses. But, video conferencing has now come of age, with higher quality image, audio and connectivity than ever before. It’s important for businesses to research how video conferencing can really work for their business, and how the benefits of each software package differentiate in their offerings dependant upon specific requirements.

Here, we look at the best video conferencing software on the market, and the features that could really benefit you.

Bring Life to Meetings

Did you know we spend an average of 31 hours a month in meetings? Much of this is wasted time that could be better spent elsewhere. A well planned and thought out meeting will enhance opportunities within the business. And video conferencing can help to improve communication in so many ways – the people who are necessary to the meeting are scheduled to be available. Technology files can be shared immediately and screens can be shared to maintain an efficient use of the time available to those partaking in the meeting.

There is a great deal of value that video conferencing can bring to your business, and researching your business needs will help to ensure that you utilise their capabilities to meet your requirements effectively and efficiently. Each platform offers similar capabilities, with different companies offering a number of ways to integrate these successfully in to your business.

Cisco WebEx

One of the most recognisable video conferencing software portals available to businesses comes in the form of Cisco WebEx. If you are looking to meet face to face with colleagues and clients, anytime, anywhere and on any device, Cisco WebEx could be for you! It allows you to personalise an experience, to ultimately bring your business what it needs to enhance productivity, and maintain communication and collaboration amongst teams in your business.

Vast Choice of Tools

  • Presenting
  • Video Conferencing
  • Training

With a vast choice of tools available to businesses, Cisco WebEx allows a streamline operation in terms of utilising the meeting centre to share ideas on any device. During a meeting, the results gained and information shared is often how people look to measure its success and with integrated audio, high-definition video and real-time content sharing, video conferencing on Cisco WebEx allows teams to effectively communicate, sharing screens, documents etc.

Meeting Centre

Whilst you are in a meeting, one of the noticeable things people often complain is unavailable to them through video conferencing is the physical ability to share documents and files. With Meeting Centre on Cisco Webex, you can gather your team together in an effective way, to heighten productivity and help to ensure that your meetings will not be unnecessarily time-consuming.

Skype For Business

Often, people look to utilise a platform that offers a familiar experience. With Skype for Business you can transform your business communication, allowing you to become much more efficient and boost productivity.

Google Hangouts

One of the more flexible options for businesses that might be tight on a budget is Google Hangouts, offering some great features to utilise video conferencing within your business. Enabling team members to hangout and send messages amongst teams and share files, including a number of other benefits, it is known to the video conferencing market as one of the more cost effective solutions for video conferencing amongst businesses. Employing a partner to help you with the installation and management of your video conferencing software can help you adopt it successfully.

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