The Companies Offering Amazon Prime for Free!


Following on from yesterday’s post about the best time of year to buy an Amazon Echo, I thought today would be a good time to talk about how you can pick up Amazon Prime for free!

Amazon Prime* usually costs £7.99 a month or £79 for the year. Recently, though, I’ve noticed a few different companies offering to give you Amazon Prime for free if you sign up to one of their products or services. 

Let’s take a look at them in no particular order.

Virgin Media Free Prime Deal

The most straightforward of our deals comes from broadband, phone, and tv provider Virgin Media

Virgin are offering 12 months free Amazon Prime when you sign up to certain bundles/packages they have available on their website. The offer is open to both new and existing Amazon Prime customers.

The deal is currently live on site and runs until midnight on the 13th of November 2019. Here’s a list of Virgin Bundles that qualify for the deal.  

  • Big + Drama Pick 
  • Bigger bundle 
  • Bigger bundle + Movies 
  • Bigger bundle + Sports 
  • Bigger bundle + Sports & Movies 
  • Ultimate Oomph bundles 

So, if your TV and Broadband package is up for renewal, then why not enjoy the benefits of a Free Annual Prime Membership on Virgin Media. 

Vitality Free Prime Offer

Vitality offer Health Insurance and Life Insurance amongst other products. They also now offer a free annual Prime membership with some of their financial products.

The Vitality deal is a little different to the Virgin Deal in that you have to meet certain criteria month by month to benefit from the deal. When you take out this deal you will have to pass a credit check. Vitality will then cover the cost of your monthly Prime payment, just as long as you earn at least 160 ‘Vitality activity points’ each month. If you don’t meet that target in a month, then you’ll be charged £7.90 that month to cover your membership payment. The idea is to keep you active.

For full T’s & C’s of the offer visit this page on the Vitality website.

EE Free Prime Video Deal

Now we come the EE deal which offers Free Prime Video to customers eligible for ‘swappables’ on their plan.

EE’s pay monthly Smart Plans offer 6 different ‘Swappables’ which you can choose from. A ‘Swappable’ they’ve recently added is Amazon Prime Video. 

This would allow you to watch Amazon Prime Video on your phone. Not only this, but you can also watch it on the big screen, as you will get and Amazon Prime Video login to watch via certain consoles and devices. You can even cast it to your TV with the right equipment.

We All Love a Freebie!

So, if you’ve recently bought an Amazon Echo or if you’ve been thinking about subscribing to Amazon Prime for a while, then this could be your chance to get it for free! 

Of course, you should always shop around to make sure that you are getting the best deal on the products or services mentioned above. After all, it’s a bit pointless saving £79 a year on an Amazon Prime subscription if you end up paying £100 more than you needed to on your health insurance, broadband, or mobile phone. 

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