The importance of creating good quality business stationary


When many people first start a business they often do so on a bit of a shoestring budget. Deciding where to allocate this budget can be difficult and some things inevitably get shoved to the back of the purchase queue. One of these things may be business stationary or professional looking marketing material. Instead many people decide to get the laptop out and start playing around on Microsoft Word or Publisher to create something themselves. Is this wise though? Here are some reasons why spending some of your precious budget on business stationary and branding may just pay dividends in the long run.

Logo Design

Ok, so we all think we’ve got an eye for design, right? Yet it’s only when you sit down at the computer and start trying to create something as simple as a good logo that you realise how limited your skills often are. When it comes to your logo I fully believe it is worth investing just a little cash in getting a proper design created by someone with the adequate skills to do so. After all, this logo is going to make its way onto every piece of marketing material you have made and will be the face of your business – and sometimes what people will judge you on – for years to come. If your logo looks like it has been thrown together by an amateur then what does that say about your product or service?


Leaflets are a bit of a funny one as from experience I’ve often found that the lengths and expense you will want to go to in creating your leaflets will often depend on your target market and also your intended price point within the market in which you are competing. For instance if you are looking to provide top of the range bespoke services for a wealthy clientele, then they are hardly going to be impressed by an amateur looking home printed leaflet, are they? If you are planning to compete on price however and are looking to provide a value service to customers who aren’t quite as well off, then you may find that you will get a better response to a simpler looking leaflet as the potential customers might feel that they have more chance of affording your service or product. I have certainly found this to be true in the past when trying to sell in different areas where net worth’s also differed drastically. Even if you do decide to invest in some glossy leaflets it is still possible to keep costs down. Nowadays there are many good online printing services that can create a good quality leaflet at a reasonable price, so cost doesn’t always have to be a barrier to quality.

business cardsOther Stationary

What about other bits of business stationary such as invoice books, letterheads, uniforms and the like? Spending just a little money to introduce your high quality logo, branding and design into stationary items such as these can really purvey a sense of professionalism over to your clients and it can go some way to elevating your service above that of your competitors. Simple things like these can make your fledgling business appear to be an already established and trusted brand. Also if you’re willing to go the extra mile in having high quality stationary created, then what does that say about your product or service? To me it says that you will place that same level of quality into your product or service too. Another area to consider is business cards but we’ve discussed that in the past so it’s probably best to refer you to that post instead of going into detail again.

Little things can be the difference between success and failure

It’s still a tough climate out there for new business start-ups so anything you can do to add instant trust and credibility to your business should not be ignored. Paying attention to and investing in something as simple as the right business logo and stationary could well give you the head start you need over your competitors and give an instant impression to customers, one that sticks your business into their mind and keeps them coming back again and again.

Would the quality of a company’s business stationary affect your opinion of the company?

2 Responses to The importance of creating good quality business stationary

  1. For me creating a good quality business stationary is very important, especially when you’re starting your business. I have a good friend who is a very good designer, especially when it comes to business logo and stationary. She is a freelancer and lots companies asked for her designs and mostly all that companies have a good result.

  2. Alex@mypersonalfinanceblog says:

    Great post. I agree that a good business stationary is important not only to get noticed but also to get the results one wants. I will admit I have used home office softwares and low cost business card printing companies in the past but I am planning to spend a bit of money and make my design look more professional. In that vain, I have been thinking about using 99design. Has anyone used that service where you bid to many designers and you choose from those you select?
    Clarisse, do you have your friend’s website or way to find out about her? Thanks.

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